Hi folks,

I have always loved food, found comfort in food, and have had what I'll lovingly refer to as "teddy bear body".  Like so many of us, over the years I have experimented with various eating habits and diets in order to lose weight and feel more healthy. 

About 7 years ago I discovered the paleo diet which is an ancestral way of eating. It's free of grains, sugar, and highly processed, chemical laden foods.

When I eat this way I feel amazing! I have more energy, experience more happiness, lose excess weight and get stronger. My problem is, like I said — I love food. My brain is sad that I won't get to eat a donut or have ice cream again. When that happens for too long, I indulge the side of me that really really really loves ice cream. I go off my "Lance 'feel amazing' Diet." Then I am bloated, more tired, have more anxiety, and get heavier - physically and emotionally.

Well you can imagine that's a bit of a roller coaster so I have modified my goals and found something that is sustainable for me to maintain for a long time. For me, that's eating really well, but also allowing for occasional indulgences.

And I know I'm not alone. I see patients every day in the treatment room with a similar story. As we continue on the road of really knowing ourselves, we have more and more to inform our choices. I know that changing a habit is one of the hardest things to do and it's exponentially more successful when done with a group.

Together we can create a huge shift in how we eat and how we feel.

••••• Village Wellness Takes a Village ••••• 

Over the next few months, the extraordinary Functional Nutritionist, Rachel Hershberger, the fantastic BodyMind Nourishment Coach Antanas Vainius and myself, are going to launch 3 empowering workshops and individual session opportunities specifically designed to assist you to eat better and feel better, now and for the long term in your body, mind, and spirit! 

There has never been a better time to take care of yourself than now.

We are going to be offering some special programs in the coming months to keep all of us feeling strong and light. If you see something that calls you, now is the time to jump in!

Acupuncture & Ancestral Nutrition ProgramTry out something new for 30 days ONLY and see if this way of eating is right for you. We will be like scientists observing what happens when we follow the Ancestral Nutrition Program. WARNING: you may feel better, have more energy, and lose excess weight. The group support and acupuncture are all there to make the transition and detox from sugar, etc much smoother. This program starts March 1st. Learn More & Register

The Science of You and Food: Find out how your body's needs are supported by food over time. This is the best way to integrate a new way of eating into your lifestyle. Individualized support with Functional Nutritionist Rachel Hershberger works holistically to fine tune YOUR nutritional needs and will help design a long term plan that you love. These are individual session. Learn more & Book your appointment.

Skill Development: Learn what it means to be truly nourished, not only in body, but in mind and spirit as well with  Body/Mind Nourishment Coaching with Antanas Vainius. COMING SOON: This workshop will give hands on demonstrations on healthy ways of preparing food while also accounting for the emotional and spiritual aspects of what it means to eat. 

I am so excited about these offerings and I hope you can take advantage of them! 

To healthier, happier, stronger, shinier Us's

Lots of love,

Lance  & the whole Village Wellness crew

Lance Isakov, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., CYT
Village Wellness. a little healing oasis on the main line.

Other quick announcements: 

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