**Check out Laura's Introductory Special for an Initial SOUND HEALING SESSION

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Sound Healing

with Laura Kellogg

Initial Sound Healing Session
90 minutes ($115)
Includes an in-depth discussion about your wellness goals.  Sound healing will proceed with voice, Crystal and Tibetan bowls, other instruments may be included as well.

Follow-up Sound Healing Sessions
60 minutes ($95)
90 minutes ($115)

As an individual session or as part of one of the programs below***. Includes reassessment of mind/body/energy, sound healing, and more depending on program chosen.



***3 Ways to Experience Sound Healing with Laura

OPTION 1: Sound Healing Sessions with Laura
Simply experience a single session or several sessions to try it out. 

OPTION 2: Therapeutic Sound Healing Program (6 weeks)
Using the principals of Spiritual Science and Sound Healing we address your health from an mental, emotional and physical perspective.  Your body’s energy centers are cleared, stimulated and/or calmed as appropriate to your specific situation. Initially, you will be seen once per week (or as our schedules allow) for six weeks. After the initial 6 week program, most clients will come in monthly or bimonthly for re-attunement. Initial session is 90 minutes, followups are 60 minutes.

OPTION 3: Collaborative Sound Healing Program (8 weeks)
Using the principals of Spiritual Science and the concepts of quantum healing, you are guided and assisted through identifying fundamental thought processes, personality traits, and patterns that you want to change. In this program we use powerful guided meditations along with focused sound healing to facilitate your own quantum healing/change. You will also be given specific exercises to complete between sessions. The result can be profound transformation. After the initial 8 week program, most clients will come in monthly or bimonthly for re-attunement. Initial session and followups are 90 minutes. 

What to expect

All sessions occur in sacred space where discussion of all matters proceeds with the highest intention and confidential space.  The client is asked about general activities, and symptoms that may be effecting them.  The client is asked to compare the emotional/spiritual aspect of and issue with physical symptoms or vice-versa.  A general assessment of the eating habits and other health related habits is made.  In addition to the discussion, the client is asked if there are any further intentions to keep while undergoing the sound therapy treatment. 

Sessions take place on a practitioner table with crystal bowls set adjacent to the client.  Each crystal bowl is set to a particular note that corresponds to a region of the body.  Bowls are played according to the symptoms and issues discussed in the first part of the session.  Affirmations and chanting (an additional form of sound therapy) are utilized during the healing session to further activate healing.

Clients can expect any combination of results after a session: 

  • mental clarity on actions to take or ideas for moving forward on a life issue, 
  • spontaneous realization that catalyzes the client into a clearer view of one’s life and whatmay need further harmonizing, 
  • the cessation of physical symptoms that are causing discomfort, 
  • more energy and ability to get daily tasks done, or to tackle a task that has needed attention, 
  • A sense of self-affirmation and happiness
  • sense of peace and wellbeing, a feeling that all is well.  

How many sessions will I need?
When working on a chronic issue a number of sessions may be beneficial for breaking through to new clarity or cessation of physical symptoms, and may need to be augmented with supplemental activities that will be discussed at the sessions.  

Why Sound Healing?

  • For breaking through to a new intellectual and energetic level in work project/life path/career;
  • To break through negative beliefs, ones that have never been worked on, or those which have been but haven’t been resolved;
  • To address and catalyze healing for emotional issues that are causing discomfort;
  • For harmonizing the body after recent experiences that may have caused imbalance (eg. car accidents, business trips, relationship altercations);
  • To assist and support the body to recover from chronic stress, pain and/or disease;