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Meditate Everyone is an 11 part guided meditation course for those of us who can't sit still! Take a journey to stillness through guided audio meditations that you can listen to at your desk, on your cushion, or maybe before you wake up in the morning. Meditate Everyone is based on the understanding that everyone can meditate, we just have to start where we are.

Do you have 3 minutes? Start there and see if you can’t build up to more. You can use the meditations in order or pick the length you need. This is a versatile tool for building awareness and peace on a daily basis.  

Here's what you will gain through this course:

  • a simple and powerful meditation style that will get you deep, fast
  • 5 specific meditative triggers - step-by-step instructions for going deep
  • the science of habit to create a solid meditation practice
  • develop unshakable meditative confidence
  • what it actually means to let go - and how to do it
  • how to NOT STRESS in stressful situations
  • why not knowing is more helpful than knowing;
  • and how to open yourself to abundance, serendipity and lasting happiness.  

This self-paced course includes:

  • 10 guided audio mp3 meditations ranging from 3 minutes to 30 minutes
  • 1 bonus guided audio meditation (60 min)
  • A beautiful 41 page Ebook complete with Daily instructions and audios
  • Real time support to ask questions, or share inspirations and learnings
  • A chance to connect to a wonderful group of meditators from across the globe.

Reviews by Course Participants

Awesome way to be introduced to meditation! Daily emails with the gradual build of duration made it easy to follow. Having the downloads available for later use is also great!”

“This was a great experience! I didn't need to leave the house to learn, although still felt connected with Lance and students.  These really helped me to understand meditation in a real life way. And committing to the 10 days helped me to be disciplined. It has motivated me to continue to keep this practice. Thank you!”

“Thank you for offering this course. I feel as though my daily meditation practice has been re-booted. It has renewed my faith that a dedicated and consistant meditation practice can be truly healing - physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

“I loved the meditations! I want to share them with my mom, and others who have long given up on meditation as something they don't feel they can do. The guidance around not needing a quiet mind was so helpful, and so often where we get stuck. Loved the ease of the guidance.” 

“I LOVE listening to Lance's voice, and the balance of quiet and instruction in them is just perfect. I did notice some carry over into my day after doing the meditation - I would sometimes feel like my presence and emotional resilience were stronger. The meditation instructions themselves are simple and carry a sense potential for infinite expansion. Thank you, Lance, for your very generous encouragement and easy to implement teachings.”

“I could totally feel the difference in my presentation and how I met the kids I work with when i did the meditation in the morning. I was more grounded in Earth energy while in my seat, open in my receiving and listening and slower in my general way of moving and being.”


I have no doubt you will benefit from this course, but if you don't for some reason i am happy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. 

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Fallout Shelter for Your Soul
A toolkit for managing madness and Life

from Damini Celebre, M.Ac., L.OM. Dipl.Ac.

I noticed that so many people were talking about how the current world events are upsetting them, freaking them out, thatI am compelled, as public service, to put "Fall Out Shelter for Your Soul" toolkit together.

Many of us are looking around and thinking, how did so many places in this World seem to be going to hell in a hand-basket?  In your heart, you know that all of this can be so different. Your vision is different- you want peace and harmony right, who wouldn't.  But instead, the level of fear and freakout is mounting- around you and perhaps inside you too.'

I know these tools work, because I personally use them all the time. With a little intention and attention, you can have complete control of how to manage your energy.  Based in Subtle energy medicine, Oriental, medicine and Shamanism, these exercises are easy to learn.  And easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

What’s in the Tool Kit? SIX powerful exercises that you can do anytime, plus bonus material from FOUR noteworthy Peeps! Did I mention the public service part? :)

Cost: $27. But use the code: VILLAGELUV at checkout for a nice discount!
Immediately accessible, yours to keep, lifelong access.

Get out 101 : be with Nature again
A Downloadable Experience
with Damini Celebre, M.Ac., L.OM. Dipl.Ac.

A while back, I was walking in the woods with a friend of mine; we started lamenting about how so few of our clients experience nature.

Sure, we all go outside for exercise or to-go-and-fro places, but to getout just to BE WITH Nature... Well, can I say it's not most people's second nature.

Everything is alive and has spirit. Nature, the Web of Life is part of our mammalian heart. My invitation to you is to get outside more and be with nature as an ally. To invite Nature be fully part of your life. To engage with the natural world as a living being and not ignored.

Let yourself be reminded that Air, Water, Sun, Star, Tree, Earth, Rock, Beetle, Fox, Bird are all part of your family- as the Navaho people's say- All Our Relations. We are part of the Web of Life.

This is an In-Your-Own-Time Class, you will get a PDF with an Audio link to connect with Nature

Let yourself be reminded that Air, Water, Sun, Star, Tree, Earth, Rock, Beetle, Fox, Bird are all part of your family- as the Navaho people's say- All Our Relations. We are part of the Web of Life. I would like to invite you to join me, for the next night 40 days and #getout, reconnect and remember.

Cost: $10. Use the code: VILLAGELUV at checkout for a nice discount!
Immediately accessible, yours to keep, lifelong access.