This time of year feels like one of my favorite Acupuncture points — Gate of Hope. It's the spirit of renewal, hope & possibility. Where is this gate on your body, you wonder? On the belly just under the diaphragm!

Gate of Hope is the last point on the Liver Meridian. If this gate is shut, you will be unable to lift your eyes towards the future with optimism. Resignation falls away when this gate is open! I use it for many reasons including, depression, distention and pain of the middle torso, hiccups, and reflux. But I most often use it on the level of spirit. When we are feeling utterly hopeless, frustrated or stuck in cynicism and negativity, we must open the Gate of Hope. It's the antidote to "I give up...". We can feel a powerful surge of hope with new perspective when we're stuck in a narrow-minded outlook.

If you are drawn to this point come on in for a spring tune-up! Simply Book Online.

Lots of love,

Lance Isakov, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., CYT
Village Wellness. a little healing oasis on the main line.

P.S. Learn more about how to harness the powerful energetics of Springtime! Join for our speaker series with Gabrielle Geib, Acupuncturist & Rachel Hershberger, Functional Nutritionist.
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