Acupuncture @ The Market in Chestnut Hill

We offer Pop-up Group Acupuncture sessions designed for easing stress, releasing overwhelm, and promoting the balancing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

Village Wellness Group Acupuncture in Chestnut Hill. 

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Upcoming HAPPINESS HOUR Sessions:

Please Note: You must book ahead of time. Online booking closes 12 hours before sessions.To inquire about same day bookings please call Lance at Village Wellness @ (610) 203-3747

Want us to add more hours? make a request and we will do our best!

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The Setting

We are excited to offer Community Acupuncture in a beautiful outdoor space!  The Market at The Fareway, in Historic Chestnut Hill, is a beautiful, convenient, and warm atmosphere to take a break in. 

A Healing Atmosphere

With the cascading water from the fountain and the fire in the center, the city somehow feels far away. Clients remain fully dressed. The Acupuncturist will only need to access your ears. All are welcome.

The Treatment

At Chestnut Hill Group Acupuncture, we use 5 points in the ear to treat.  It’s a unique style from Chinese Medicine which understands the the ear as a microcosm of the whole body, like reflexology.

Your treatment is designed to powerfully:

  • Ease Stress and Release Overwhelm by balancing the sympathetic (flight or fight response) & parasympathetic nervous systems
  • Calm Anxious or Sad Feelings by soothing the heart
  • Cleanse & Detoxify the body & energy system
  • Bring Balance to the body, mind, emotions, & spirit
  • Helps to Ease Physical pain in a holistic, whole-body way.  
  • Diminish Emotional Pain in a holistic, whole-mind/heart way. 

After your Visit

Patients often report that they feel differently than when they first came in before they’ve even left the session.

Patients walk out feeling relaxed and recharged. Over time,  patients report what changes they've noticed. Often the treatments provide subtle changes in areas that may not have been the reason for coming. These “side effects” [improved sleep, reduced stress levels, improved immunity] are a welcome surprise.


Visits to our Pop Up Community Clinic are just $25. No fine print.

What to bring:
Please dress comfortably, and for the weather, yoga clothes, sweats, etc.

Please fill out:
Our Online Form prior to your initial session

Schedule your visit:
please note: online booking closes 12 hours before sessions
for day-of bookings please call us at (610) 203-3747

What our patients have to say:

"I enjoyed the community acupuncture session with Lance. He is a very healing person and I felt wonderful afterwards." - R.

"Had a wonderfully, calming, healing experience with both Lance's loving energy and the collective." - D.

"Lance has a gentle nature with a natural touch. He is non-intimidating and wants to address your needs individually and as a group. You leave feeling peaceful and grounded."- L.