With Sue King

Join us to learn 12 common homeopathic remedies for acute situations, including physical, mental, and emotional issues — colds and u, accidents, injuries, trauma, shock, fear, anxiety, grief, depression and more. These remedies offer healing and comfort, and help us cope with modern stressful living.

In this course, you will develop a relationship with a dozen foundational remedies. Each dependable remedy has multiple uses and surprising diversity. As you get to know these remedies you obtain a wellspring of rst aid knowledge for yourself and your loved ones.

*This course is for education purposes only and not intended for diagnosing, treating or prescribing.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine whose principles are older than Hippocrates. It adheres to natural laws and helps the body’s vital force function optimally. Remedies are non toxic and available over the counter. In the early 1800s, physician Samuel Hahnemann, dissatisfied with traditional medicine, discovered and developed the homeopathic method, and today, is considered the ‘Father of Modern Homeopathy.’

US records show a much higher survival rate with homeopathy than traditional medicine during the 1849 cholera epidemic in Cincinnati and the world wide pandemic flu of 1918 and are consistent with case studies today.

Class Fee: $90 or $60 Each with a friend*** Cash/Check Payment accepted at the door

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About your instructor

Suzanne King - Homeopathy berwyn

Suzanne King has been teaching, studying and using homeopathy and vibrational medicine for over 30yrs.

She has helped many learn the benefts of homeopathy, as well as enhancing the lives of her students, friends, children, grandchildren, pets and herself with this modality.

Sue  co-created the Woman Wisdom® Training Series in 1989, and later opened Heart of the Goddess, a holistic learning center, gift shop and wellness center in Berwyn, PA. She is author of the multi-media program, "Sacred Animal Wisdom: A Handbook for the Human Heart."