Hi everyone,

In order to serve our clients better we are making some changes to Wayne Family Wellness:

Andrea Tarka, Acupuncturist, will be moving her practice back to Havertown under the name "Pintuition."  To book an appointment with Andrea, please visit pintuition.net or call 610-853-2351.

Jenni Kay Long, Holistic Psychotherapist, will continue to see clients at Wayne Family Wellness. However, clients will schedule appointments online by visiting Jenni Kay’s new website, fully-living.com or by calling 215-792-3294.

Lance will continue to practice Five Element Acupuncture and Kundalini Yoga at Wayne Family Wellness, and Wayne Family Wellness will continue to offer massage, energy work, and classes. You can book these sessions online at waynewellness.com or by calling 610-203-3747.

Lance David Isakov 610-203-3747 waynewellness.com

Lance David Isakov

Andrea Tarka 610-853-2351 pintuition.net

Andrea Tarka

Jenni Kay Long 215-792-3294 fully-living.com

Jenni Kay Long


You will receive correspondences directly from your practitioner, whether it's Lance, Andrea, or Jenni Kay.

Links and additional contact information for Andrea and Jenni Kay will be provided on waynewellness.com through the end of the year. 

Please let us know if you have any questions – we are happy, as always, to connect with you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Lance, Andrea, & Jenni Kay