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acupuncturist lance isakov

Founder & Acupuncturist
In Practice Since 1996

Licensed Five Element Acupuncturist, Esoteric Acupuncturist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncture Detox Specialist (NADA),  Facial Rejuvenation (cosmetic) Acupuncture Specialist, Magnified Healing Master, TaeUlju Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Qi Gong (Mantak Chia) Practitioner, Guided Visualization Practitioner, Yoga Nidra Practitioner, Zero Balancing Practitioner,  Clinical Supervisor at The Won Institute.

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I was born in South Africa and moved, with my family, to the States in 1986. Healing has been a passion for as long as I remember. In my younger years I wished to be a Medicine Man, a Witch Doctor. This wish eventually led me to receive a degree in Anthropology, the study of human cultures, from the University of Pittsburgh. 

While in Pittsburgh, I had the opportunity to study Meditation, Qi Gong and various forms of healing. I began teaching Reiki, a form of energetic healing, in 1996 and continue to teach it and other forms of healing to this day. Through the years I have had the privilege of being a practitioner to thousands of people. 

I have a passion for experiencing new cultures, people and the intense diversity of our amazing world. This passion has led me around the globe. My travels and encounters with extraordinary people and diverse cultures have deepened, enriched, and colored my experience of life. 

I enrolled in the Tai Sophia Institute's three year Masters of Acupuncture Program after coming to know the Beauty and Power of Five Element Acupuncture through my own treatments. Everyday, with each of my patients, I am in awe of the transformation that acupuncture brings. This has created a passion for me in passing this healing possibility to as many people as I can! 

When I read the book 'Plant Spirit Medicine' by Eliot Cowan, a Huichol Shaman, in 1999, I was immediately intrigued by the possibility of using plants to help restore balance at our deepest level. I went on to study this medicine with Eliot and feel honored to share it with my patients. 

I began Kundalini Yoga in the winter of 2002 and it totally changed and enhanced my life. After some extraordinarily powerful experiences with this yoga, I decided to become a teacher so that I could share this amazing technology with those in my life. I joyfully extend my classes to all people regardless, of age, flexibility, shape, or size. My hope is that this ancient technology will enhance your life so that you can enhance the lives of those in your path. 

I currently reside in Mount Airy, Pa with my wife Amy, daughter Luna and dog Nimbus. 

My promise in life is to foster growth and creativity with joy and playfulness, to live right now to my fullest! To overflow with spirit, joy, compassion, outrageousness, creativity, brightness, wisdom and strength! And to be an inspiration and do whatever it takes to help others come to life most fully! 

Thank you for this opportunity to be with you! My hope is that our paths cross again. Enjoy this amazing journey, may you know the Ecstasy of Love, the Depth of Power, and the Tingling Vibrations of Life along your way!