Crystal Bowl Sound Healing and Meditation: New moonWith Laura Kellogg

Time: 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Cost: $25.00 or $20 if you bring a friend! 

The New Moon of February occurs at 9:58 AM EST on the 26th, so our time in the few days before is very auspicious for bringing in new energies and for aligning with the Divine for our needs and desires.  

Friday night we are going to focus on MIRACLES and GRATITUDE.  We know, that with any miracle we have so much gratitude.  One thing I lave learned that is critical to our healing and growth is that when we pray, we pray with the thanks that what we need has already happened.  

Come join me in meditation, sound and intention to manifest the things that you deeply need and want.  This is a time to practice the pheomena of group conscious and the power of prayer/intention.  

When I look at the astrology of the New Moon I see something very fitting for this evening.  We have Mars and Uranus conjunct (together), in Aries, and they are opposite Jupiter in Libra.  Mars rules Aries, and Aries can be thought of as the "I", the self. Mars can be thought of as will, volition, and Uranus as new, as mystical.  Libra has energies around what is fair, and Jupiter is about expansion and good things.  The opposition of these planets is a message to push onward towards what we can be, as we align ourselves with the Divine.  The Sun and Moon are semi square to Mars/Uranus in Pieces, pushing on the the Aries pair to shift.  Lets use this Friday night as a beautiful time to show our gratitude for the miracles we seek in our lives right now. 



About Laura Kellogg, BS, MA, 

Laura brings synergy to the latest developments in scientific theory of quantum physio-spiritual healing, the use of sound, and the sacred.  Coming from a scientific background (BS, MA, Geology), with two decades of studying earth sciences and renewable energy and a lifelong interest in spiritual development and music, she uses the sacred sound of the crystal bowls, and Sanskrit chant along with the use of affirmation and intention to access the quantum realm and promote/catalyze healing. 

Laura is completing her certificate of sound healing at the Globe Institute of Sound Healing, and has completed training in Journey Dancing, a form of healing and empowerment through conscious dance/movement. 

A few of Laura’s influences are: The Globe Institute (Sound Healing), Journey Dancing (conscious movement), Dead Sea Scrolls, The Emerald Tablets, Astrology, Mythology, Sacred Geometry, Crystallography, Rudolph Steiner, Hermes Trismegistus, Quan Yin, Christ Consciousness, Female and Male Indian Deities, additional Ascended Masters.