Essential wholeness is nurtured through regular and sustained connectedness
to our physical, mental, energetic and spiritual selves.
~ Dr. Page

Holistic Psychotherapy & Wellness Partnering

With Dr. Page Buck, LSW , Holistic Psychotherapist, Wellness Partner, Yoga Teacher

Tea-Time Consult: 30 min (free)
Initial Session : 1.5 hr ($95*)
Followup Sessions: 30 min ($45) & 60 min ($90*)

* These are INTRODUCTORY Fees available to clients who begin sessions before September 2017 . 

What a Wellness Partner does:

  • Partner with you to identify your wellness goals, needs and aspirations 
  • Support the co-creation of an actionable, holistic path towards wellness
  • Assist the implementation of the Wellness Plan 

Who is your Wellness Partner?

Dr. Page Buck, LSW, partners with individuals seeking to establish, renew and explore pathways toward wellness. Using a relationship-based approach, Dr. Page offers a safe, non-judgmental space for discussion, self-discovery, and goal-setting. 

What is Wellness? 

Wellness is a lifelong journey that often ebbs and flows through the stages and phases of life. The paths we take to sustain wellness evolve as life commitments change, as health needs arise, and as healing practices emerge. There are times, however, when our paths are hard to navigate, are sometimes fully obscured or even feel impassable. 

For individuals seeking a holistic approach to wellness, Dr. Page supports the experience of essential wholeness through connectedness to our physical, mental, and spiritual selves.    

How often will I meet with my Wellness Partner? 

Typically, individuals meet 3 to 4 times with Dr. Page to get started on their Wellness Plan

The follow-up schedule is tailored to meet client needs, and can include phone, email and/or Skype when appropriate.

Who is Dr. Page?

Dr. Page Buck is a licensed social worker and yoga teacher whose own wellness journey has informed her practice of partnering with others to support lifelong wellness. After sustaining a traumatic brain injury in 2008 that required a 15-month leave from full-time work, she set out to establish a sustainable path of recovery and wellness that includes meditation, yoga, animal-assisted therapy and acupuncture. Dr. Page is Associate Professor in the Graduate Social Work Department at West Chester University, where she teaches Master’s students the foundational skills of human connection through the lens of a bio-psycho-social systems perspective. 

Grounded in the belief that we are all already whole with everything we need within ourselves, Dr. Page offers a safe space for people to explore beliefs about wellness and identify both barriers and opportunities to experience wholeness. Her client-centered approach combined with training in trauma, body-based healing, resiliency and recovery allows for the co-creation of a sustainable and viable wellness plan.  

If you prefer, you may also call (610) 368-0458 or Email Dr. Page to Schedule your session.