Pricing Policy

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to support our families and this practice by doing the work that we are passionate about. We live in a sustainable, conscious, and caring manner. By supporting this practice, your dollars go to support other local business, local organic farms, and many other people, animal, and planet friendly endeavors.


All of our fees are clearly listed in our Wellness Services Menu by clicking ‘Book Now’.


We do take Flex Spending Cards and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) for Acupuncture! Unfortunately most insurance carriers in Pennsylvania do not cover Acupuncture.  If your insurance company does cover acupuncture, we are happy to give you a coded receipt which you can submit for direct reimbursement.

Financial Support

We offer financial support to anyone who needs it for all of our services. Please discuss this with your practitioner.  We have a firm policy to never turn anyone away for financial reasons. Also If you would like to contribute to our Wellness Scholarship Fund, please use the button below. 

Wellness Scholarship Fund


Our intent is to make this medicine available to everyone regardless of finances. Our current community service programs can be found here. You can help those less fortunate by donating to our Wellness fund. Feeling generous? 

Free Tea-Time Consult

Approaching holistic medicine brings up lots of questions & concerns for many of us. We offer 30 minute complimentary and informal sessions, for each of our services. These are times where we can meet, you can ask your questions & sip some tea.