Who We Treat & What We Treat

As acupuncturists and holistic medicine practitioners our goal is to treat the individual rather than purely the symptom. Symptoms are seen as signals of an underlying imbalance, our aim is to correct that imbalance and thereby bring relief to the symptom. Our patients often express gratitude for our ability to see them as a whole rather than connected parts.  

Who we see:

We see everyone. Our patients are a beautiful and diverse population who are interested in getting past pain and upsets, in a holistic way, so that they can truly thrive. Our patients are interested in developing healing relationships with their practitioner and being seen from an integrative perspective .

We see all ages, from newborns on up.

note: unfortunately, at this time we cannot accommodate individuals who are unable to climb stairs. Please ask us for a referral to another practice if needed.

We have the most success with the following: