Our Mission and Philosophy

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Lance Isakov, L.Ac., Founder, Village Wellness

Lance Isakov, L.Ac., Founder, Village Wellness

HI!  Thank you so much for visiting! Our amazing team of passionate and seasoned healing arts practitioners can't wait to meet you!

We started Village Wellness with a desire to bring more integration and community into the field of Holistic Medicine.

We are so honored to be of service and grateful to our wonderful community of patients, clients, students, and friends.

Thank you again for your amazing support. Below is our Mission and Philosophy,


P.S. I am at your service, if you have ANY questions. Just shoot me an email

Village Wellness is committed to enhancing wellness in our community by:


  • providing access to the best holistic medicine services. 

  • fostering community and bringing wellness-minded individuals together for lasting friendships, deep connections, and mutual support.  

  • enabling our practitioners to thrive in a healthy and supportive environment. 

Our holistic approach means that we address healing at all levels of self – mind, body, and spirit. We approach each of our patients, clients, and students with the utmost respect and non-judgmental care.

Whether you come in with pain, anxiety, or trying to figure out your life purpose, we are here in service. 

We believe that feeling better is just the beginning of the journey. Our utmost goal is to help you truly thrive.

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