With Tara Vogel
Certified Astrologer, Certified Professional Coach

Initial Session: 90 min ($160)
Followups: 60 min ($120)
Deepening Session: 90 min ($160)

What is Astrology?  Astrology is the ancient practice of mapping where the celestial bodies were in the sky at the moment of your birth. Your astrological natal (birth) chart is essentially the blueprint of your soul and it can be used as a personalized map of YOU  throughout your lifetime.  It gives you information about your character, relationships, talents and career, your blind spots, the lessons you’re here to learn and your life purpose.   It reflects the potential of your soul and can be used as a powerful tool to understand yourself and what’s happening in your life at a deeper level. Your natal chart is uniquely living and breathing energetic representation of you!

The celestial bodies in the sky are in constant movement and provide relevant and meaningful guidance as to what you may be experiencing in your daily life. As humans, we all have cycles we go through and using astrology can help you understand the bigger “soul intent” of what’s happening so we can rise to meet it with intention and clarity.

Astrology is based on the idea of “As Above, So Below” and the cosmos can be used as a navigational tool to help keep your soul on its highest path.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re feeling stuck and wondering what’s the bigger plan for your life.

  • You’re ready to reconnect to your gifts, creativity and joy.

  • You want to make sense of the challenges you’re facing day to day.

  • You want clarity, direction about the stuff that’s happening right now in your life.

  • You wish you had the inside scoop on the path you are meant to walk in this life.

Tara is passionate about YOU living your truth and being the fully self-expressed human being you came to be.

Tara Vogel Astrology philadelphia

As a result of an Astrology Session with her you will:

  • Get the big picture of who you are and your gifts.

  • Find answers to the challenges you're facing right now.

  • Reconnect with that passion and zest you have for life.

  • Get clarity on the next steps for your soul’s growth.

  • Figure out what you’re supposed to do and who you’ve come to be in this lifetime.

  • Find out what’s coming up on the horizon so you can be ready to rise to meet it with grace.

About your session:

***You’ll need to provide your birth information (date, accurate time and location) when you schedule your initial session.

Initial Session: (90 min) $160.00  

In this session with Tara, you’ll explore your natal chart in depth and look at what your soul promised to do in this lifetime. She’ll not only help you understand your “natal promise”, but also what’s happening now based on the current planetary placements. In other words, what is your soul wanting to experience and learn in this “Earth School” we’re all a part of right now? She’s great at helping her clients stay true to their soul’s path and understanding the bigger picture of their lives.

Follow up session: (60 minutes) $120.00  

Tara synergistically uses her coaching skills with astrology.  In follow up sessions, your natal chart is used as a foundation for whatever you are wanting to explore and understand at a deeper level.  She uses astrology and the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy as a lens for which to view you and the circumstances of your life.  When you combine coaching, astrology and the IFS model you get meaningful and relevant insight along with healing, illumination, and clarity.

Client testimonials:

“I got so much out of my astrology reading with Tara.  I understand why I am drawn to certain things and what my purpose is in this lifetime.  I am also more aware of my strengths so I can utilize them and also my shadows so I know how to realign if I find myself in "shadow-land."   My life makes much more sense now! I also feel I have more compassion for others knowing that much of who we are is determined at birth and it is up to us to fall in love with who we are.  I liked my session so much that afterward, I asked Tara to do sessions for several of my family members who in turn, after their sessions, asked Tara to do sessions for people in their lives.  Tara has insights that are deep and she offers practical ways to start living your best life. The session provided much-needed guidance, validation, and inspiration. I highly recommend it!” - C.M.  Chester Springs


“Tara was knowledgeable and took me on a journey lead by explanations, examples, and questions. I didn’t know it at the time, but some of those questions would later resonate with me and bring a shift within. It’s as if I was gently nudged or refocused. I got to thinking about my soul again, which I hadn’t done in a while. There is always work to be done and this reading provided a helping hand and guidance for me.” -K.F. Philadelphia