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Integrative Massage Therapy

Integrative Massage | Holistic Reflexology | Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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1 hour session: $90
2 hour session: $160

Ready to come into a powerfully present state of being and ease?  Integrative Massage at Village Wellness is an intuitive form of bodywork that provides you with exactly what your body needs.

Your session may include Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage with soothing flowing strokes, Myofacial Trigger Point Release, Sports Massage, and Prenatal Massage where appropriate.

Integrative massage works on all levels of self, mind, body, and spirit to recirculate stuck energy, unlock restrictions, release stubborn  patterns, and even clear trapped memories.  

After a session, clients often report being in an expansive, calm state with more available energy with which to create and enjoy their life. 

Holistic Reflexology

30 minute session: $50
1 hour session: $90

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Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific reflex points in the hands and feet to support and improve health and vitality.

Holistic Reflexology can help your whole being feel better by increasing blood and lymph circulation, moving stuck energy, and releasing toxins.

Besides an initial sense of deep relaxation, clients have reported improvement in digestion, sleep, metabolism, and baseline stress level.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

1 hour session: $90

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Lymphatic Drainage massage, also called manual lymph drainage, is a technique that encourages the natural drainage of the lymph. Lymph are like the garbage men of the body, cells that carry waste products away from the tissues.

This technique was originally pioneered as a treatment for chronic sinusitis and other immune disorders. It is extremely relaxing and can help to reduce inflammation and swelling, release toxins, and improve the immune system.