When was the last time you tried something new? What was it?

When I asked our Holistic Wellness Group that question, here were some of the responses:

  • Coffee & conversation Meet Up to meet new friends

  • 2018 was my 40th year and I did alot! 2 biggies were a road trip just daughter and me; other was singing bowl meditation

  • Last week, live video. For an introvert that was a big step

  • Rock climbing for the first time at 46!!!!

  • Adult ballet at 67

  • Yesterday. I ordered a meal on an app for the first time!

I am so inspired by our awesome wellness villagers!

So why try new things?...

10 Benefits of Trying Something New:

  • We stretch ourselves and expand our limits!

  • We get unstuck as we shake up our normal routine and patterns.

  • We develop courage by facing our fears

  • We open our mind by allowing ourselves to be a beginner.

  • We get to know ourselves better

  • We stimulate our creativity

  • We create powerful memories and markers in time

  • It opens up more opportunity for joy in our lives

  • It forces us to grow!

Are you inspired to try something new?

Here are 5 ideas to get you going!

  • Learn a new sport or activity !

  • Travel to a new place (try it solo!)

  • Join a meetup

  • Attend a new class (at Village Wellness! - see below)

  • Spark up a conversation in the coffee shop

I can't wait to hear about what you end up doing and how it feels! If you are able please share in our Holistic Wellness Group (if you are not a member yet, just request to join!)

See you soon!!