I wanted to share these 5 simple and powerful Autumn health tips from the wisdom of 5 Element Acupuncture & Kundalini Yoga. I hope you can use them to keep you and your family happy, healthy, and vibrant! 

  1. Experience the 3 Part Breath 
  2. Read the articleThe Art of Allowing - How to Let Go
  3. POOP! Sorry if I grossed you out =) In Five Element Acupuncture the best time to poop is 5-7 am, when your Qi is focused in the Large Intestines. So for a week create some time between 5 and 7, wake up early if you need to....Find a good book, magazine or just meditate and LET GO! Give yourself plenty of time, no need to rush these things. Read more about the Chinese Clock.
  4. Declutter your space! You've heard of spring cleaning...now try fall cleaning! Go through your old stuff and get rid of that which you no longer want or need. Those clothes that are too big for you now that you've lost all that weight, those keepsakes from the 3rd grade, that piece of furniture you hate...Whatever... creating space in your home creates space in your life! Check out this book by decluttering guru Marie Kondo
  5. Wear a scarf! read: Why your Acupuncturist Recommends you Wear a Scarf.