Happy Valentines Day!

If you step just to the side of the narrative of Valentine’s day, you’ll find everyone is seeking to honor one of the most unifying and foundational energies in all of creation. Sure, it’s a hallmark holiday, and whether you celebrate, tolerate or loathe Valentine's Day it’s a great reminder of Big Love! 

What is Big Love? One of the best explanations I’ve heard was in a conference room with world renowned quantum physicist, Hans Peter Durr.  He was talking about the universe and connectivity. To demonstrate his take on it all, he passed around a ball of yarn, asking the first participant to hold the end (or the beginning) of the yarn and then pass it to the left, on and on around the room until everyone was holding on to one tiny part of what everyone else was holding on to. He said this represented the universe. As it was being unwound and passed from from participant to participant he told us to pay close attention to the yarn, really taking it in — all the way down to the tiniest little fuzz. Then he had us roll the ball of yarn back up and in his Einstein-like german accent (and I'm paraphrasing) "So what’s holding this ball of yarn together? The little tiny, seemingly insignificant bits of Fuzz! What is holding the universe together? Love! Love is the fuzz that holds life together!”

The Big Love I'm talking about is the tiny fuzz. It’s the stuff that connects all of us no matter of our differences.  Love is the ground we all stand on, the seemingly insignificant matrix which connects us all and is intact in and of itself.

So on this day I take a moment to celebrate the connection to You, Self, Other, our Planet, Cosmos and Love. 

If you need to catch a bit of the fuzz - enjoy this story.  It’s guaranteed to warm you up!

Lots of BIG LOVE,

Lance Isakov, M.Ac.
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