I’m psychic. Ready? Recently you have been feeling a little more antsy, a bit more frustrated, and maybe just a tad easier to anger... right? The Spring Qi has risen and we are all immersed in it! I guess the groundhog was right β€” spring has sprung. Even the cherry blossoms are blooming one month early!

If you are feeling frustrated now, here are 2 miracle practices that will help!

1. Breathe! Yup. It’s magical - try this: set your timer for 7 minutes. Imagine your belly is a bellow. As you open up your belly the air get sucked in through your nose. As you close the belly the air gets pushed out. Slowly and deeply continue to inhale and exhale, until your timer goes off.

2. Shout! The best place for this one is in the car with no one else around (otherwise your office mates may think you’re a bit strange). It’s simple: as powerfully as you can, shout the word "Har" from your gut. Use the same belly movement as the breathing technique above and create the sound when you pull the navel center back in. Keep shouting until you laugh! HAR!

Try it. You might like it!

Below are our upcoming events including a brand new Guided Spring Cleanse with Rachel and myself! 

Hope you have an amazing, creative, and emergent week!

See you soon!

Your bud, (get it?)


P.S. Take a sneak peak at our newest healer, Energy Medicine Practitioner Britta B.! (more on Britta coming soon!)

Class Spotlight:

4 week series: The Mindful Revolution - Introduction to mindfulness meditation

March 21-April 11 7:30pm-8:30

Join us for a discussion about WHY Mindfulness can help us find focus in our stressed out, multitasking culture, HOW it can help you and me! You will learn a fantastic,  simple, and effective mindfulness technique to help you get clarity and focus in your daily life.  All levels of experience are encouraged to attend! Absolute beginners welcome!

$50/series or ($40 with a friend) , Read more & Register

Therapy Spotlight

Access Bars with Britta

Access Bars is a dynamic stress reduction technique, a non-invasive, hands-on process for clearing the mind, healing the body and achieving inner peace.  There are 32 bars of energy that run through...read more..

The Shift Network

We have recently partnered with the Shift Network! Now you can access online courses from world-renowned teachers in the comfort of your home!

I am particularly excited to announce this FREE call on Wednesday at 8:30 pm** with the amazing Dream Teacher  & Author Robert Moss called Quantum Dreaming (plus my wife Amy will be hosting the call) FUN! **Though It does conflict with Damini's Spring Call if you sign up for the dreaming class you will recieve a recording to listen to later.


  • 2 more days left: Pre-pay Packages are available through March 15. We offer these a couple times a year to support your commitment to healing and save you a little money. The package is currently for Five Element Acupuncture with Lance (save up to $200)
  • 30% off through March - new client sessions for Functional Nutrition, Holistic Personal Training, & Zero BalancingIs the uprising energy of Spring effecting your emotions yet?🌱