In Five Element Acupuncture, the emotion of grief is associated with Autumn, and the element of Metal. 

Lets walk through this energetic cycle and ill explain. If you make it all the way to the bottom there is an amazing audio excerpt to listen to by Martin Prechtel, a Mayan Shaman. He talks about dealing with grief in his culture and I think it is wonderful!


In Nature, Autumn grants the opportunity to shed what is no longer absolutely essential. The energy (qi) of our brothers and sisters of the plant world, turns inward and descends deep down into their roots. The trees let go of the survival non-essentials and so their leaves fall to the ground creating space for new growth AND rich fertilizer for the future generations. The descent of Qi also allows for rest and rejuvenation during the upcoming Winter months and this stillness and space, in turn, creates a powerful potential energy that is explosively released with the crack of Springtime

What is so cool (and often forgotten) is that we ARE nature. We too have the Autumn movement that courses through us. In Five Element Acupuncture we call this kind of movement the Metal Element. This part  of the cycle within creates our ability to let go of what no longer serves so that we too can make room for rest, rejuvenation and eventually the re-birth of own new power and possibilities
In nature the metal element is represented by the crystals and minerals that make up the air we breath and the soil our food grows in. Like these metal elements there is a special kind of reflective feeling that the Fall offers us. In many traditions, including Taoist and Jewish, Fall is the time when the heavens and earth are closest together. A time when we can almost touch the spirit world, a time of deepest connection to our ancestors, those we have lost, those who have come before us. The Fall offers us a powerful opportunity to deeply grieve that which, and those who, we have lost and also offers us space to give thanks and praise for that which is, and those who are, currently in our life. 

What is the Metal energetic's impact on our different levels of being? 
Emotionally, this phase of the cycle gives us our sense of self-worth, vitality and resolve. It shows up as our grief, our praise and our sense of awe
Physically, Metal movement within builds our Lungs, the part of us that takes in vital energy oxygen and lets go of the waste carbon dioxide. It also shows up as our Large Intestine, which both lets go of our rubbish and also intakes the last remains of any essential nutrients.

Spiritually, the Metal energy gives us the ability to let go, reflect and create space. It offers us the chance to get in touch with our spiritual energy and realize our core values. Metal reminds us of the heavens and our connection to our higher self. 
The goal of Five Element Acupuncture Treatments is to keep the energy moving through this natural cycle of seasons. When it gets stuck thats when dis-ease, pain or upset occur.

When Metal is out of balance we may feel excessive grief, deep depression, low self-esteem, low self-worth, emotional withdrawal and excessive materialism. We may not be able to recover from a loss or be inspired. We may have difficulty breathing, or have unhealthy skin or bowel issues. 
When Metal is in balance we have the gifts of awe, letting go, acknowledgment, respect, inspiration, preciousness and acceptance. 
If your Fall energy or Metal element is feeling stuck put the following practices to action:

  • BREATHE! Go outside, preferably in a natural setting, and allow your lungs to INSPIRE! Sit on a log, a rock or the earth and breathe in and out through the nose slowly and deeply for 5 minutes. As you inhale focus on bringing in that which you desire and as you exhale focus on letting go of that which no longer serves you.

  • POOP! Sorry if I grossed you out =) In Five Element Acupuncture the best time to poop is 5-7 am, when your Qi is focused in the Large Intestines. So for a week create some time between 5 and 7, wake up early if you need to....Find a good book, magazine or just meditate and LET GO! Give yourself plenty of time - at least 11 minutes, no need to rush these things. p.s. This is a particularly good homework for those who have troubles in this area...Extra Credit goes to those who use a squatty potty.

  • CLEAN HOUSE! You've heard of spring try fall cleaning! Go through your old stuff and get rid of that which you no longer want or need. Those clothes you never weart, those keepsakes from the 3rd grade, that piece of furniture you hate...Whatever... create space in your home = create space in your life! There are plenty of places that will accept donations or check out

We can help bring Inspiration to your body, mind and soul! If you are new to acupuncture now is the perfect time to jump into sessions =) 

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P.S. HERES THE AUDIO I was talking about above – Check out this amazing talk about Grief and Praise by Martine Prechtel

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