Hi Friends, 

Hope you are enjoying the end of Summer (Fire element) and the transition into Late Summer (Earth element). It’s always a little bitter sweet isn’t it? The kiddos are getting ready to go back to school, our schedules are changing, and (if we were lucky enough) trips to the beach or lake, camping, and weekday sleep-ins are all coming to an end. Outside the days get a bit shorter, the sunlight is a bit cooler, the air humid and best of all our gardens and farmer’s markets are overflowing with perfectly delicious veggies and fruits. Here are some Late Summer Tips --->

For me, this summer has been quite busy and really wonderful! I have been enjoying merging into the new space with Damini and growing deeper roots in the village of Berwyn. We have added some amazing practitioners to Village Wellness’ stellar team, including Stephanie, our in-house Peruvian Shaman and Rachel, our Functional Nutritionist. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by such seasoned, skilled, and humble practitioners sharing the work they love to do. 

I have also had an amazing summer of adventuring! My daughter Luna (6 yo), my wife Amy, and I had an opportunity to go to the San Fran Bay Area to participate in an awesome camp, we made a few trips to our family’s lake house in the Catskills, and even got to go camping under the stars at Cherry Springs State Park (highly recommended for all you stargazers!). And for our last hurrah, we will be in Colorado on Labor Day weekend to see my brother perform with Ani Difranco at Red Rocks... amazing!

And, as we move into Late Summer, there many changes afoot at Village Wellness. Damini is leaving for her sabbatical in September. Damini has put all of her awesome shamanism, energy and art classes online so we can all still participate from anywhere. And she’ll be back briefly in January to facilitate a Winter Retreat at Pendle Hill in Swarthmore called ‘Painting the Landscape of your Soul’. I have had the good fortune to be a patient, friend, student, colleague, and business partner of Damini through the years and I am so excited to hear about her adventures! I will be extending my hours starting in September to help accommodate Damini's patients as well and will be available Tuesdays through Fridays most weeks. Also starting in September, Karin Tetlow, Acupuncturist extraordinaire,  will also be adding more Monday hours to the online schedule. 

What else?  We have some fantastic upcoming happenings. Community Acupuncture has been really flourishing over the last 2 months and we plan on adding a few more sessions in the Fall. We are  adding free monthly community talks with our holistic medicine   practitioners. They will share their own natural health tips to help us all continue to grow and shine. And in September we will have 2 extraordinary guest teachers offering in-depth workshops. Robbie Russock will offer an 8 week series on meditation with a free intro and Kimberly June will offer her weekend workshop on Family Constellations. Mary Mayer will continue to teach her Laughter Yoga sessions and I will be offering Monthly Yoga and Sound Healing sessions with the gong on Fridays nights around the full moon. 

I am also beginning to plan another open house with yummy food and free healing sessions for sometime in the fall - so stay tuned! 

Lastly, as a valued member of our little community I would like to ask you a few favors.

1. If you have had a positive experience at Village Wellness and would like to leave a review for us on either Google or Yelp, I would greatly appreciate it.

2. Please like our Facebook page. for now its the absolute best place for the whole community to stay in touch and we are committed to sharing positive vibes!

3. As a valued member of our community I trust and respect your opinion. Pretty please, if you have any feedback, or suggestions, or thoughts about how to make things better please let me know!

Thanks again for being part of our little healing oasis on the Main Line!

May you have a sweet Late Summer and may you overflow with Abundance!

Lots of love,


P.S. here is a direct link to our online booking system if you would like to make an appointment with any of our wonderful practitioners!