Im feeling particularly heart-full in this moment, having just completed part 4 of our 5 part, year long, shamanic apprenticeship with 11 beautiful apprentices.

Our time together was devoted to deepening our healing work using the natural elements, sacred healing objects, breath work, sound vibration, and sacred geometry.

I am SO excited to share this work with you. In fact - I'm going to set up a few special shamanic healing sessions. If you are interested in experiencing this level of shamanic healing work - email me and let me know!

Also if you are interested in becoming a shamanic practitioner or get excited at the idea of joining our next 5 part year long shamanic apprenticeship - please let me know that too! I'm so excited to be part of the medicine tradition!

In other news, I am super grateful to be adding 2 new AMAZING practitioners to our Village Wellness team!! I will tell you lots more details soon but here's a little preview.

Megan is a financial wellness practitioner that is one of the most generous people I know. She is dedicating her precious time (she is the COO of a financial company and mama of a 1 year old) and immense experience to helping us find a right relationship with money. Im bringing her on because finances is one of our biggest stressors in life. And she can help! She is not a financial advisor nor is she trying to sell any financial products. Megan will simply be helping us heal our relationship with money. WOW!

Laura is an amazing sound healer who uses crystal singing bowls to tune the chakras and align your energy - quite a blissful experience! Laura has offered sessions at Village Wellness in the past along with her very popular sound healing workshops. Im so excited to have her back on our team!

Lastly I have an invitation to you. If you are struggling or need ANY support in ANY way in your life please reach out!. If I am unable to help I can at the very least, point you in the right direction!