Shana Tova (Good Year)!

Rosh Hashanah (head of the year) always brings to mind such sweetness. The light of Late Summer/early fall always has a beautiful golden hue to it, the harvest is full, and as Jews we gather and eat apples dipped in honey to call in the sweetness of life for the coming year.

But did you know that by eating apples and honey we are also getting healthy and preparing for the cooler days ahead!

We all know the old adage ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ as apples are packed with lots of nutrients! According to Chinese both apples and honey are medicinal powerhouses! Let’s take a closer look…

Apples in Chinese Medicine Energetics

In Chinese Medicine, apples are known to be gently cooling. and therefore help release excess internal summer heat and nourish the fluids of the body (tonify yin) to prepare us for the cooler months ahead.

Apples support the Heart, Liver, and Spleen Channels and can even help lubricate the Lungs while clearing excess phlegm from the system.

Honey in Chinese Medicine Energetics

In Chinese Medicine, honey is known to be sweet and nourishing and works to harmonize the liver and spleen meridians. Raw Honey has anti-viral, anti-biotic, and anti-allergenic properties. Did you know eating local wild honey is one of the best ways to help ease common flower and grass environmental allergies! Raw honey can also be applied topically for wound healing.

So please join me to celebrate this sweet time of year! Grab a slice of apple, dip it in some honey, celebrate the sweetness of life while nourishing and healing your body!

To an amazing, sweet, and abundant year ahead!