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Happy Halloween!!!!! 

Halloween is time of connection to the departed. To celebrate this connection to our ancestors, we'll be incorporating special acupuncture points called Ghost Points this Saturday, during Community Acupuncture!

The 13 Ghost Points were developed in the 6th century by physician Sun Si-Miao to treat mental disorders that were thought to be caused by spirit possession. Sun Si-Miao shifted the idea of spirit possession as a cause of illness, to the idea of having too much phlegm, and invasion of wind, heat, and dampness in the body. He also understood the points serve to cultivate your sense of self through your lifetime.

Each ghost point has a specific use and are often used together to help anxiety, overwhelm, dizziness, or even not feeling like yourself.

In our day and age, I see these points as helping to bring a deeper connection to one's self, and a feeling of rootedness in one's path. We wouldn’t be where we are without those who came before us, so honoring the ancestors is an important part of finding oneself. I find these points help create space in an overwhelmed nervous system which so many of us experience these days.

I hope you can join our beloved Lei Duan, L.Ac, this Saturday for Community Acupuncture! Try out a ghost point and create some room in yourself for reflection and deep connection!

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Happy Halloween!