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A Journey by Damini Celebre


A Journey by Damini Celebre

A Journey. . .

Reflexology was my first foray into the healing arts; that was in 1991. From that moment I knew that I found my path as a healer. 

Continuing on to Shiatsu, Reiki, Energy Healing, Acupuncture, Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanism, Colorpuncture and Flower Essences. Although never named, all of those modalities were called upon as needed during a session.

I put aside my creative life, which brought me great joy, as I strived to be a stellar healer. Then slowly, over the past ten years, my creative heart insisted that I bring my attention to my artist-self.

Many of you know that I have been teaching intuitive painting, first at the Center, and now on-line. It was the intuitive painting that woke me up with two life-changing projects that happened simultaneously: Writing Painting the Landscape Of Your Soul and creating a new body of paintings I call Conversations with Land.  

That was three years ago. Since then I have been craving the time and space to go deeper into my creative process. Now that Lance and I have joined our fabulous magical forces I feel that I can take some time off to travel and paint.

So as of September, I will be taking a sabbatical. The first part of my time will be as an Artist In Residence, north of Taos, New Mexico. From there I will be traveling to Sedona, Joshua Tree, then up the California coast, communing with Land and hopefully doing a few workshops on the way. That is all I have planned for now as I remember to leave time for Spirit to guide me.

My sojourn will be somewhere from six months to a year.  To stay updated on my adventures please join my email list. I will also be offering a Winter Retreat at Pendell Hill in Swarthmore, PA. Hope to see you there!

I will leave you in the loving hands of Lance and the amazing practitioners at Village Wellness. To schedule an appointment give Lance a call at (610) 203-3748 or you can always book online. I know you will be well cared for. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to know you. It has been an honor to be with each of you on this healing journey we call LIFE.

XX Damini