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Meet Gabrielle, Acupuncturist Extraordinaire

Gabrielle Geib, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

Gabrielle Geib, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac.

I am so excited for you to meet the new addition to our all star acupuncture team.

I have known Gabrielle Geib, M.Ac. for over 3 years and she is an exceptional holistic medicine practitioner (and human-being) truly committed to helping her patients feel better.

Gabrielle began her journey in holistic medicine by studying Reiki, a Japanese healing tradition. She then went on to receive her Master's in Acupuncture Degree from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies, where she graduated as a co-valedictorian. 

With her background in the martial arts, Gabrielle has particular interest in Sports Medicine Acupuncture and specializes in helping her patients with Musculoskeletal pain & disorders

Gabrielle is currently accepting patients Mondays through Friday. She is also running our community acupuncture clinics on Tuesdays (3-5 pm), Wednesdays (10-2pm), and Thursdays (4-7pm). 

Did I mention she is amazing? Well, she is! and I guarantee you will love being in her healing hands. 


Thanks so much for your continued support of our little (but growing) healing oasis on the Main Line.

Lots of Love,
(on behalf of our amazing team of healing arts practitioners)

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  • Community Acupuncture is now 4x per week! Tuesday and Thursday PMs and Wednesday and Saturday Ams!
  • We are Over the moon excited that Dr. Trish of Radiance Chiropractic will be joining Village Wellness starting in November! More about Dr. Trish and her unique and gentle community-style of chiropractics for grownups and kiddos coming soon!! 
  • Do you miss Damini? Us too! But you can still be in touch because she is teaching online! And join us for Damini's Winter Retreat in Swarthmore!  Check out her schedule and follow her amazing journey!

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