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Lance's Late Summer Letter 2015


Lance's Late Summer Letter 2015

August 2015

I had an epiphany yesterday! Lately, I've been feeling lazy and it dawned on me yesterday that this time of year is all about grand contentment. I'm in sync with nature!   =)

I was talking to my friend Cassidy yesterday morning as our kids played in the shade of a beautiful Japanese Maple when it struck me. Cassidy asked what I had been up to and I responded, reluctantly, "to tell you the truth I have been feeling really lazy." He said, "You know another way of saying that is 'I have been feeling unproductive.'" And thats when it hit me! Oh yeah, it's actually okay to just BE!

In general, as a culture we are trained to be top level producers; we are fully focused on creating, working, and doing, and of course thats not necessarily a bad thing. It's that creativity that drives evolutionary development and brings improvement in our lives and to our world. What I forgot was that there is a time for BEING! That it is actually okay and even necessary to STOP and enjoy the sweetness of knowing you have everything you need. The harvest is in.  

Five Element Acupuncture theory reminds us that we are one with nature and that we follow energetic movements similar to the seasons.  Late Summer, represented by the Earth Element, is our secret 5th season in Five Element Acupuncture Theory. Its a sweet and nurturing time of year isn't it? The fruit is sweet, the air is sweet, even the light is sweet, right!? And best of all we have a surplus of yummy fruits and veggies, the sweet gifts from the growth and busyness of Spring and Summer. 

So how does this the energetic movement of Earth and Late Summer show up in us? 

When our earth energy is in balance we have the gifts of nurturing, thoughtfulness, nourishment, taste, sympathy, stability and home.  

When the Late Summer energy within us gets out of balance we can feel obsessive worry or sympathy. We may feel self-centered or insecure, not able to give or receive help or care from others. We may feel a lack of abundance, like we don't have enough. On a physical level we may experience, muscle pain, digestive problems, ulcers, headaches or even cancer. We may also find it hard to lose or gain weight.

In 5 element medicine the goal is to keep the energy moving through this natural cycle of seasons. This will help to imbue us with the gifts of the elements. 

If your Late Summer energy or Earth element is feeling stuck here are a few practices that can help:

1. GIVE! Lend a helping hand to a neighbor in need; give a random gift to someone in your life; volunteer your time at a homeless shelter or food kitchen; Give out hugs; Literally feed your partner or friend =)

2. GRATITUDE! Keep a daily gratitude journal; Give thanks to mama earth and the creatures on her for providing your food before you eat; When you say "Thank You" look the person in the eye and mean it from your heart.  Look for more information on the September Gratitude Challenge.

3. RECEIVE! Consciously accept the thank yous, gifts and offerings of others; Be aware of the processes of taking in food, chewing and digesting; When someone gives you a hug, shakes your hand or gives you a high five..What is it like to really take it in?

If you have been receiving seasonal acupuncture treatments, now is the perfect time to come in for your Late Summer session. We can help bring Nourishment to your body, mind and soul! If you are new to acupuncture, massage, or energy work, now is the perfect time to jump into sessions =) 

Click here to schedule your session ONLINEemail or call us at (610) 203-3747. 

Enjoy the fruits of all your labors!
With Love,

P.S. Im excited to announce that One of our very own Wayne Family Wellness Members has published his second amazing novel about Alzheimers and our elderly care system, Broken Mouth Sing, Buy it, enjoy it, and support our local community!


Lance's Summer Letter 2015


Lance's Summer Letter 2015

Hi Friends!

This Sunday we celebrate the Summer solstice. We experience the sun at its highest and hottest and give thanks for the energy of Fire that it offers us. The powerful growth spurts of springtime have given way to an abundance of new life. We have beautiful plants including yummy vegetables and powerful healing herbs, buzzing insects and noisy birds squaking in the loudest voice they can. Summer is the time of year the energy of nature is at its fullest, biggest, brightest. Life is shining and moving as powerfully as it can. 

In us the energetic movement that summertime represents shows up as our fullest capacity of being. We have abundant energy, our biggest heart and love, playfullness, intimacy, relationships and joy come easily and abundantly. 

In 5 element medicine the goal is to keep the energy moving through this natural cycle. When it gets stuck thats when dis-ease, pain or upset occur. When the shining Summer energy (FIRE element) within us gets out of balance you may feel sad, lonely, shy, doubtful, confused, anxious or depressed. You may find it hard to make friends or have intimate relationships. You may feel low energy, lack of warmth or experience insomnia or heart disease.

When Fire is in balance it offers the gifts of warmth, partnership, compassion, joy, laughter and touch. 

If your Summertime energy or FIRE element is feeling stuck here are a couple exercises that can help!

DANCE! Turn on your favorite music and let your body move! you can even sing along if you want. There is a wonderful saying from Zimbabwe that goes: "If you can talk you can sing If you can walk you can dance"

LAUGH! How do you get holy water? Boil the hell out of it. 
HAHHAHAHAHHA. Do what it takes. read jokes online...tell the good ones to a friend or beloved. watch a comedy or listen to a comedian...i really like Steven Wright and Mitch hedberg...give them a try =)

SMORES! Gather your friends and make an old fashioned campfire. Tell stories, jokes, make smores...PS...Grandfather Fire always likes a good joke..the dirtier the better =)

If you have been receiving seasonal acupuncture treatments, now is the perfect time to come in for your Summer session. We can help bring Joy to your body, mind and soul! If you are new to acupuncture now is the perfect time to jump into sessions =) Also if you know anyone who may be interested please feel free to pass on this newsletter! 

Click here to schedule your session, email or call me at (610) 203-3747. 

See you soon!!!