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a request, a challenge, and a gift!


a request, a challenge, and a gift!

I want to share  3 opportunities with you, 2 of  which have PRIZES...just cause prizes are fun! Couldn't we all use a little more fun in our life?

#1 An opportunity to help someone's quality of life

One of my dearest friends and fellow acupuncturist Rebecca Snyder Is asking for help as she heals from cancer. If enough of us even gave just $10 it would make a huge difference for Rebecca and her husband Jason. ALSO as a personal thank you everyone who donates $20 or more by this Tuesday 7/14 at 10pm will be entered into a raffle to win your choice of a FREE acupuncture session OR massage at wayne family wellness. I will pick 3 winners! Please let me know you donated by either posting here In the comments or sending me a message. Here it the link to Donate:

#2 Lets Get Healthy Together! Virtual Series 10 Day Water Challenge

ARE YOU READY TO FEEL AMAZING? Join your fellow Wayne Family Wellness members and dive in to a FREE 10 day VIRTUAL challenge that will get you feeling Clear, Bright, Awake, Relaxed and maybe even help you drop some excess baggage ;) AND THERE IS A PRIZE!

Here is what we are going to do! 
Starting on July 15 and for 10 day STRAIGHT we will follow these 3 guidelines..(see more)

#3 Sacred Yoga & Sound Healing Journey
Join Us to celebrate the Full MOON with this special Kundalini Yoga & Healing Session...(see more)

Oh and last but not least thank you for being amazing!


P.S. If you haven't met our new Massage Therapist Kylee, go right now and make an appointment. You will THANK YOURSELF FOR IT! 20% of through the end of the month for first timers!


Meet Kylee! + Introductory Massage Special + The Best Massage in Wayne


Meet Kylee! + Introductory Massage Special + The Best Massage in Wayne

Hi Friends,

Hope you are having an amazing summer! I have been taking in some happy times with friends and family by the beach and am feeling rejuvenated! (heres a little mama ocean love pic)

I wanted to take a moment and let you all know that we have a new addition to the Wayne Family Wellness Tribe! 

Her name is Kylee and she is brings the mainline her own unique style of Therapeutic Massage and Yoga! Massage and Private Yoga with Kylee can be done separately or be combined into a single session!

I got to experience a massage with Kylee last week and love it! I found it to be very intuitive, opening, and deeply relaxing. I was surprised that my back, which apparently was really tight (I know, I know!), completely released and I felt so amazing afterwards.

Don’t worry, our AWESOME massage therapist Meghan Purdy continues to offer her amazing sessions as well under Massage for the Active Body.


Because Kylee wants to meet as many of you as possible she is offering this introductory special:

If you are a new client, TAKE 20% OFF Your First Massage during the month of July.

Treat yourself to a session, you will not be disappointed! You can book it online or give us a ring at (610) 203-3747.

With gratitude and love,


Lance David Isakov, M.Ac., 
Licensed Acupuncturist, Meditation Teacher
Wayne Family Wellness


Lance's Summer Letter 2015


Lance's Summer Letter 2015

Hi Friends!

This Sunday we celebrate the Summer solstice. We experience the sun at its highest and hottest and give thanks for the energy of Fire that it offers us. The powerful growth spurts of springtime have given way to an abundance of new life. We have beautiful plants including yummy vegetables and powerful healing herbs, buzzing insects and noisy birds squaking in the loudest voice they can. Summer is the time of year the energy of nature is at its fullest, biggest, brightest. Life is shining and moving as powerfully as it can. 

In us the energetic movement that summertime represents shows up as our fullest capacity of being. We have abundant energy, our biggest heart and love, playfullness, intimacy, relationships and joy come easily and abundantly. 

In 5 element medicine the goal is to keep the energy moving through this natural cycle. When it gets stuck thats when dis-ease, pain or upset occur. When the shining Summer energy (FIRE element) within us gets out of balance you may feel sad, lonely, shy, doubtful, confused, anxious or depressed. You may find it hard to make friends or have intimate relationships. You may feel low energy, lack of warmth or experience insomnia or heart disease.

When Fire is in balance it offers the gifts of warmth, partnership, compassion, joy, laughter and touch. 

If your Summertime energy or FIRE element is feeling stuck here are a couple exercises that can help!

DANCE! Turn on your favorite music and let your body move! you can even sing along if you want. There is a wonderful saying from Zimbabwe that goes: "If you can talk you can sing If you can walk you can dance"

LAUGH! How do you get holy water? Boil the hell out of it. 
HAHHAHAHAHHA. Do what it takes. read jokes online...tell the good ones to a friend or beloved. watch a comedy or listen to a comedian...i really like Steven Wright and Mitch hedberg...give them a try =)

SMORES! Gather your friends and make an old fashioned campfire. Tell stories, jokes, make smores...PS...Grandfather Fire always likes a good joke..the dirtier the better =)

If you have been receiving seasonal acupuncture treatments, now is the perfect time to come in for your Summer session. We can help bring Joy to your body, mind and soul! If you are new to acupuncture now is the perfect time to jump into sessions =) Also if you know anyone who may be interested please feel free to pass on this newsletter! 

Click here to schedule your session, email or call me at (610) 203-3747. 

See you soon!!!




4 Lessons from the "almost Spring"

by Lance Isakov, M.Ac., Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher
edited by Amy Isakov

These are actual quotes I have heard this past week:

"I am losing my mind"
"I am ready to lay on a beach" 
"When is this going to be over?" "I have cabin fever!"
"3 more inches!?" 
"I can't wait to get my schedule back and get my kids in school!!"

Sound familiar?

This can be a frustrating time of year in the cycle of seasons.  We know spring is around the corner, in fact we are feeling a bubbling, sometimes pushing up of its energy deep within us, but alas - snow still covers the ground, the air is still frozen, and the spring equinox is still about a month away.

Each time of year has it’s own gifts and challenges in the cycle of the Five Elements. So, what in tarnation are those gifts of this "almost Spring" time of year?!

Here are four gifts to ponder:

Potential Energy - In nature the bulbs and seeds lay dormant and still in the winter. As the sun gets stronger and stronger, those seeds begin to gently stir and the energy begins to slowly build up until, BAM! There is a Crocus! Life has begun again and it brings us to our knees. This is the same stirring you are feeling within you. Your energy is getting ready to burst into life. What will you create?

Creativity - Part of our feeling of angst is that we are so aware of this potential energy but it just feels like it hits a barrier. Like a blade of grass trying to push through a concrete sidewalk. It builds up in us and pushes against the diaphragm. (the end of  liver/springtime energy channel) Emotionally we feel frustrated. Frustration is this powerful uprising creative energy- that’s stuck. What is called for is making room for more expression and possibly creating new ways of letting “it” out. Perhaps now is a good time to start writing down ideas and thinking about what you need to align in order to take effective action in the spring time.  Even if you can't take action, you can get out a pencil and paper and leave it on your desk.  Just leave it there so when an Idea comes, you’re ready.  Allow the bubbling and pushing of Spring to abide, knowing it is creating life.

Patience - Take a breath.  Flowers that pop up too early often don't make it due to an early refreeze.  If only they had waited! That is the lesson of patience. Though we are feeling the need to spring forward, we need to wait for the appropriate time, even though it can feel challenging.  That will ensure steady and healthy growth to maturity.  Remember, there is a time for every purpose under heaven.
Potent wildflowers. The view of the Five Elements recognizes the cycle of perpetual life giving. Water gives life to Wood, Winter gives life to Spring. And the deeper the winter the more powerful the spring.  If you have ever grown tulips, you know this first hand. With tulips, you have to emulate winter by storing the bulbs (in soil) in the freezer for a few months. Doing this creates healthy, vital flowers once they go in the ground for spring. It’s the same in us. A deep and still winter will allow for the birth of a powerful creative surge! Can you feel it?  It will be worth the cold and the wait.

I’m letting my planning for an upcoming course be fueled by these energies.  I am really looking forward to exploring Potential Energy, Creativity, Patience, and Potent Wildflowers in my Kundalini Yoga & Healing weekend intensive in April.  For all those who feel called to really take this deep and see where we can go together, I am excited to join you on this journey.

More info on the Spring Kundalini Yoga & Healing Immersion can be found here.

Meanwhile: turn this up loud and see how it feels, you’ll realize that you are not alone…

Hope too see you soon!