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How to bring Shamanism into Your Life Right Now


How to bring Shamanism into Your Life Right Now

By Amy Mermaid Isakov

Shamanism is a word many people use to mean a variety of things but for my purposes, it means a way of walking in the world that recognizes that all things, great or small, have a soul and are inherently part of one web, one life. It's a path and practice of honoring and relating with both the seen and unseen from a place of LOVE!

A simple way to bring this awareness into your life is by reclaiming a simple, possibly daily, ritual - the shower.


  1. Offer Gratitude to the Water 
  2. Invite it to clean away that which is not yours and no longer serves you

These 2 simple steps transforms your shower into a shamanic experience. They restore to awareness the Magic of Reality. 

You can watch me talk about this as well as a few other things (in concert with the slightly chaotic presence of my daughter) below.

In the video I talk about:

  • Why Shamanism is relevant for our world
  • My experience of a radical awakening on a meditation retreat
  • Some time ago, I realized I was so much more willing to experience grief and heart ache. So while I have great capacity to experience sadness, I realize needed an equal or greater capacity to experience joy, love and beauty.  

Shamanism restore the narrative of mystery, magic and healing in the world. Today’s problems stem from disconnection. Most people believe that we are separate from our surroundings and I believe that this is why they can wreak havoc and do harm.  It’s a disease.  

The Universe is primed to support us in remembering who we are and what our capacities are.

It's our birthright to connect with the Divine so let's bring our intention there. In order to do that we must create the space, a moment to carve out of time and shift our focus.  

I hope you take some time to honor yourself and this miraculous world we live in, whether it be in the shower, in the space of a breath, or in a weekend with me.

Hope to see you soon!