Can you feel the excitement of your own inner energy reflecting the trembling of nature about to explode with new life?

Shoots will soon be forcing their way through the soil and new leaves are just about to pop out of their buds. It's still early, but if you pay close attention, the potential energy is palpable.

In Five Element Acupuncture Theory this uprising power is associated with the Wood Element. 
The goal in acupuncture is to keep the energy moving through this natural cycle. When it gets stuck, that's when dis-ease, pain or upset occur.

When the powerful uprising wood energy within us gets stuck we have particular experiences. For example on the physical level we may feel like our tendons and muscles are tight, we may getone-sided headaches or migraines, visionproblems or trouble sleeping. We may get angry or frustrated, or  we may lack visionflexibility, orcreativity

When in balance the springtime energy within brings us the gifts of humilityplanning,decision making, clear perception, creativity, appropriate anger, justice, vision, andflexibility. 

If your springtime energy or wood element is feeling stuck here are a couple exercises that can help!

  • Meditate! Set your alarm for 20 minutes, sit up straight, be still, relax, pay attention, and have no relationship to your thoughts and feelings. Be conscious and allow your experience to be exactly as it is.  (if you need help getting started Try Lance's Guided Meditations)
  • Stretch! do some yoga, bend your body... loosen your muscles and tendons. Body twists like cat stretch are perfect to open up the wood element meridians of the Liver and Gallbladder
  • Create! even if you are not inspired, just start a creative project. write, draw, dance, sing, paint.

**** We are going to be doing ALL of these practices during our FANTASTIC Spring Kundalini Yoga and Healing Immersion. Will you join us?

If you have been receiving seasonal acupuncture treatments, now is the perfect time to come in for your spring session. We can help bring smooth movement and new life to your body, mind and soul! Please feel free to use the handy Online Scheduler. If you are new to acupuncture now is the perfect time to spring into sessions, give us a call at (610) 203-3747 to set up your initial appointment =) Also if you know anyone who may be interested please feel free to pass on this newsletter! (there is a link at the bottom)

We have added some NEW events below! including a new Meditation and Guided Relaxation Series and our Annual FREE Community Cleanse!

Wishing you the happiest Springtime!

Lance, Amy, Andrea, Jenni-Kay, & Joana

Wayne Family Wellness