You made it to day 10! Ten days of committed practice is a mighty fine beginning for the rest of your life.  Are you ready to sit for a nice 30 minute meditation?  I find that 30 minutes per day is a totally doable and rewarding amount of time to practice meditation. It is enough of a commitment to make a difference, hard enough to make you value it, and easy enough to prioritize. Feel free to use these guided meditations as they are great teaching tools, however you probably no longer need guidance every day! Simply set your own timer, sit in silence, and follow the instructions.  

Today's Teaching: Gratitude

Gratitude. As you give more of your time to abiding in the deepest level of yourself, you will begin to notice a steady current of gratitude in your life. Life feels more positive.  You don’t have to “think positively”; you will find it’s actually true. And that positivity will shine as a beacon through the cultural cynicism that prevails these days.  You will be in the flow of gratitude.  It's not your will that makes this possible, it's that you're making room for openhearted ease that is ebullient and reciprocal without neediness. You're naturally allowing the Universe to extend itself through you when you let your thoughts be secretarial.  When your thoughts can serve the Heart, gratitude arises from the universe that it has an opportunity to become more, through you.  The whole beautiful process of life can be seen for it’s glory and your relationship to life will change. You can feel this in the mystical poetry of Rumi and Hafiz. 

“One regret dear world, that I am determined not to have when I am lying on my deathbed is that I did not kiss you enough.” — Hafiz of Persia"

I am so grateful to you for joining me on the journey into mediation. My hope is that you have not only found time each day to meditate, but that you have moved it toward the top of your priority list.  I hope this course has deepened your understanding of meditation and proved to you that doing nothing is a very important thing.

With lots of love and infinite gratitude,


Today's guided meditation:
Day 10 Guided Meditation:


Day 10 Guided Meditation: 

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