I have included this bonus hour long guided meditation for you to experiment with. Whats it like to push your edge? Whats it like to meditate for 1 hour or 3 hours or 9 hours? How deep into the infinite can you sink? How willing are you to be carried away, to really let go?

Having no problem in meditation doesn’t mean that your life is problem free. It means that whatever is going on right now, is not a problem. Even if you are having a problem that in itself is not a problem. It means that you can deeply allow everything to be exactly as it is, in every incredible moment.

For further reading and study I recommend Andrew Cohen’s Book “Evolutionary Enlightenment”, Along with Jeff Carreira’s Free Ebook “The Miracle of Meditation”. I have included both in the resources section. 




Day 11 Guided Meditation: 

 Download:  No Problem (60 min) or http://bit.ly/meditateeveryonebonus