Welcome to day two! Today we are adding 3 more minutes to our meditation. Be prepared to sit uninterrupted for 6 minutes. 

Today’s Teaching: Be At Ease.

Yesterday's meditation focused on our first instruction, being still. Being still simply means that for the time you are meditating, you are committed to not moving. When we decide that no matter what we will not move or itch or fidget, we are telling the personal self (ego) that we will not submit to it. 

Being still is a taking a stand for awakening and freedom. We are choosing to be free from the fears and desires of the ego and dwell in the Self-absolute. This is challenging because in life when we want to attain something, being still feels the most futile.  Most of us think of our deepest sense of self being somewhere else.  Even the language is tricky because when we say ‘deepest’, we think it’s not exactly where we are.  We are very conditioned to apply effort in achievement, but in this case, the effort looks different.  The effort comes in honoring your commitment to be totally still. In meditation there is no where to go. You are already here.

Our second instruction, be at ease, builds upon the first. In a position of stillness, we can relax. Being at ease means allowing everything to be exactly as it is.  Stop manipulating your experience; including our feeling state and mental activity. When we totally allow, we realize there is, at the deepest level, nothing to do and nothing wrong. When there is nothing to fix, we can be fully at ease.  We are so attached to having a problem.  What would it be like to not have one for a few minutes? Can you really let everything be as it is? Here is a quote from one of my favorite teachers, Jeff Carreira*:

"Sitting in meditation following the instructions to ‘let everything be as it is’ is so easy. It was obvious that I can’t help but let everything be as it is. You can’t very well let everything be as it isn’t, because that will be the way it is anyway."  

Ok, Let’s give it a try!

Day 2 Guided Meditation:

 Download: Be At Ease (6 min) or http://bit.ly/meditateeveryoneday2