Here we are at day 3, upping the Meditation to 9 minutes. 

Today’s Teaching: Pay Attention.

Let’s review what we have learnt so far! 

We have talked about our first guideline: Be Still. Being Still is a metaphor for wanting to be free more than anything else. We can free ourselves from the fears and desires of the ego by simply taking a position of stillness.  In fact, stillness itself is a powerful portal into the deepest dimension of Self.

Our second guideline is Be at Ease. Being at ease means letting go of needing anything to be different than it already is. When we do this we can deeply relax, because we truly have no responsibilities.  We can step back from any and all life woes in meditation.  In this posture, there is nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Today, we build upon our foundation. We have our third guideline: Pay Attention.  Paying attention means to be utterly and deeply awake. Paying attention means not drawing conclusions.  When we pay attention in meditation, there is nothing to figure out or learn.  We are paying attention not to the particulars of the mind or universe, rather we want to stay aware of Awareness itself. This lets us quietly slip beyond the mind, the body, and everything that ever was. Paying attention is an absolute place of inclusivity- nothing is left out, nothing ignored, nothing wrong.

“In meditation, you want to discover what awareness is, free from attachment to any object.” - Andrew Cohen

To sum up our interactions so far: In a posture of absolute stillness, while allowing everything to be exactly as it, we are totally aware.

Today's guided meditation:

Day 3 Guided Meditation: 

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