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Today's Teaching: No Relationship.

The goal of meditation, in the way I am sharing it, is freedom. One way to talk about what freedom feels like is as an identity shift from the relative self or mind, to the absolute Self. Let's unpack that sentence, shall we?

A concept that I’ve found to be undeniably true through meditation is that you are not your mind.  If you can observe your thoughts, who is the observer? If everything you observe arises and then falls away, what is constant?  What does constant even mean? Let’s start with something more tangible- relativity. The word relative means more than two objects being in relationship with one another.  Everything I can observe is relative. The Yin Yang symbol ☯ is the perfect representation of relativity. Yin exists only in relationship to Yang, light in relationship to dark. If we took away dark completely, neither light nor dark would exist. (It's okay, the mind can't grasp this, just see if it resonates...) There would just be one state, absolute, constant, and inconceivable. Our mind functions in relativity so trying to mentally understand the concept of absolute is not possible, it's too big.  

The mind is a wonderful tool and making relative distinctions is crucial in our daily lives.  But in meditation, we are stepping into another dimension, the absolute dimension. In Judaism there is a tradition to neither mention nor write God by name. One interpretation of this is that once you name God, God becomes a relative object, separate from the rest of life and therefore no longer absolute.  Instead they would write G-d in order to suggest the unnamable.  In the Taoist text, the Tao Te Ching*, Lao Tzu writes, "The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal Tao." Again this is pointing to a break from absolute to relative. Once the Oneness is named there is the 'Two-ness', the namer and the object being named.  We must let go completely to awaken to Awakeness.  We must simply abide.  Freedom is realized when we shift from identifying with Many to the One.  

To realize oneness as a living reality and not just a concept, we must surrender the mind and simply exist by doing absolutely nothing...being still, completely at ease, conscious, and not relating. When we awaken to the reality that we are not and couldn’t be separate from anything else, the world changes.

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