Today's Teaching: Meditation Matters.

Once a reporter asked the Dalai Lama “How are you able to fit in meditation with such a busy schedule?” The Dalai Lama smiled and replied “On normal days, I meditate for 1 hour in the morning. On extremely busy days, I meditate for 2 hours in the morning.”

This little story brings up a big question: Why does meditation matter? Why do some of the busiest and most successful CEO's in the world prioritize meditation? Corporations are building meditation rooms and encouraging their employees to meditate during office hours. Here’s 10 big complanies that promote employee meditation. Doctors are recommending 40 minutes of meditation per day to the general public.  You even decided to take this 10 day meditation course even though you have work, school, families, hobbies; a very busy schedule. Why? Why does meditation matter? Before you continue reading, take a moment to answer this question for yourself.  

For me, meditation matters because we are bombarded by media and interactions that deeply affect us.  Meditation matters because if we are able to mitigate stress with out drugs, we have a healthier body.  Meditation matters because with space from our thoughts, more happiness, positivity, and the ability to listen without interference, we will be better people.  As Gandhi said, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. 

Meditation matters because it is a way for us to gain direct access to the infinite, non-dual, un-manifest dimension of ourselves that exists beyond time, space, and the creative cycle. 

Meditation matters because it helps us find meaningful answers to life's biggest questions. 

Who am I? 

Why am I here?

Day 6 Guided Meditation: 

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