Please note: we never turn anyone away for financial reasons. Please see our pricing policy.


Tea Time (free consult)                             30 min                                         Free
New Acupuncture Patient                      1.5 hours                                    $135
Returning Acupuncture Patient          45-60 min                                   $95
Community Acupuncture                       60 min                                         $35

Holistic Psychotherapy

Tea Time (free consult)                             30 min                                Free
Holistic Psychotherapy                            50 min                                $110
Partner  Therapy                                         50 min                                $110
Family  Therapy                                           50 min                                $110


Massage Therapy 

Massage Therapy                                  60 min                                       95.00
Massage Therapy                                  90 min                                       $145.00



Tea Time (free consult)                            30 min                               Free
Reiki Session                                                  1 hour                            $85

Brennan Healing Science 

Tea Time (free consult)                            30 min                               Free
Brennan Healing Science Session               1 hour                            $85

\Resonance Healing 

with Lance Isakov, M.Ac., L.Ac. Dipl.Ac.

Please call us Lance (610) 203-3747 or send an email to schedule

Tea Time (free consult)                            30 min                                          Free
Meet us and discuss your questions regarding Resonance Healing.

Resonance Healing Session                   30-60 min                                    $50-$100
Sessions are done over the phone or Skype. Using powerful meditation and energetic healing techniques Lance helps you focus your attention in a very potent way, creating a powerful energetic force that helps to bring balance to the body systems.  

Yoga Therapy 

with Jenni-Kay Long, RYT, MSS, LSW

Individual Yoga Therapy Session                  50 min                                    $110
These fifty minute sessions include movement to meet your specific needs, as well as meditation, guided relaxation, and discussion.

Medicinal Aromatherapy 

with Amy Isakov, NCTMB

To schedule a consult please email Amy or call 443-955-2211

Medicinal Aromatherapy Consult        30 min                                       $30.00
Find out what oils are right for your medicine cabinet, home, or office. Essential oils can help aches and pains, emotional and mental health, spirit awareness and conscious living.