Meditation Resources


1. Meditation Instructions: 
Find a comfortable spot on a chair or on the floor in a space that you won't be interrupted and you can be comfortable for the entire length    of meditation. It is  important to keep your spine upright but also relaxed. 

   A. Be Still - Commit to being absolutely still for the entire session.
   B. Be at Ease - completely allow your mind, body, emotions, and inner and outer world     to be exactly as they are.
   C. Pay Attention - Stay awake, stay present, stay conscious.
   D. Have no relationship - even if you have thoughts/feelings, don’t interact with them.

2. Facebook Group - come hangout with us!

3. All Daily Meditations Recordings Album: Stream or download

4.The Miracle of Meditation Ebook by Jeff Carreira  

5. Tao Te Ching or the Tao of Pooh =)

6. The Stages of Meditation  - An interview with Ken Wilber

7. Evolutionary Enlightenment by Andrew Cohen