Courtney Cavanagh, LE

Licensed Esthetician

I care deeply about giving my clients their best skin possible while taking into consideration that their beauty comes from taking care of their whole self inside and out. 

My passion for holistic skin care and holistic health in general comes from my personal struggles with food sensitivity and imbalances in the body. As I healed myself mentally and physically my passion for holistic beauty grew stronger.

I studied Esthetics at the Aveda Institute for beauty and wellness from 2009-2010 and have continued to learn through advanced esthetic courses, certifications and independent research for the past 7 ½ years.

I’ve studied acne, hyperpigmentation, international skin care methods, gua sha, advanced facial massage, reiki, ayurveda, camoflauge make up and more. I am now embarking on studies to learn how to create my own safe and effective pure herbal skin care products.

In my three years at an organic day spa in Philadelphia, I helped my wonderful clients achieve their best skin through holistic treatments like Ayurvedic facials, organic microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, holistic microcurrent and organic hair removal.  I then moved overseas to Sweden to open my own holistic skin care business sharing my passion and love of holistic skin care with my lovely swedish clients who actually taught me much about the importance of using products with integrity made by companies who are passionate about protecting our earth. I returned to the US and have spent some time working in an American medical spa where I have learned a great deal about clinical skin care that works without causing the body inflammation and also about which clinical treatments I feel are important to steer my clients away from.

The premise that I base my skin care practice upon is that inflammation is harmful to the skin. Anything that causes an inflammatory wound to the skin is NOT going to benefit the skin over the long term. It is going to temporarily improve the skin. Breaking down the skin is not healthy or productive in skin rejuvenation…..think deep chemical peels, harsh abrasive exfoliation, needling, ipl, etc. The modalities that I focus on in my practice are healing in their effects on the skin and produce great results while understanding that our skin is an organ. We would never intentionally inflame our internal organs and this is why we should not inflame our skin. My intentions are to help my clients achieve beautiful, healthy skin through use of pure effective products, regular detoxifying / stimulatory facials, clinically proven LED light therapy,  gentle effective methods to drive pure vitamin serums into the skin and peels that don't inflame. Ibelieve it's my job to help my clients feel fantastic about themselves without thinking that they have to harm themselves in the process and I would love to help YOU!

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