Shamanic Energy Medicine

With Stephanie Moore

Initial Session: 60 min ($130)*
Followups: 60 min ($130)*
Deepening Session: 90 min ($195)*

* $5 discount if you pay cash or Venmo

Based on cross cultural and Peruvian traditions, our Shamanic healing techniques assist you in coming into right relationship with yourself and the world around them. 

We work to heal and clear any negative, unwanted or old imprints and patterns that no longer serve. Once in this healed state, we are able to call in and recognize the infinite abundance and beauty that is available to us. 

What does Shaman mean?
In indigenous societies, the ‘Shaman’ was the medicine woman or man who helped people with life events using prayer, traditional healing techniques, and medicines derived from nature.

What is a session like?
Our session is a potent time of deep prayer and intention. The initial session will last 1.5 hours and followups 1 to 1.5 hours. We will open up a sacred space by calling the directions. We will take time to discuss your healing needs and goals. The healing session takes place upon the massage table, where you sit or lay fully clothed. I use traditional tools like healing stones, feathers,  smoke from herbs like sage and sweetgrass, and traditional prayers, mantras, and energetic techniques to clear any negative, unwanted or old imprints and patterns that no longer serve.  

Our Shamanic services and techniques include: Illumination, Decoupling, Soul Retrieval, Soul Purpose Destiny Mapping and Retrieval, Energy and Entity Extractions, Chakra Cleansing and Balancing, Soul Flight, Mesa Divination Cord Cutting, Stone and Leaf Reading, Shamanic Journey, Guided Meditation, Space Clearing, Fire Ceremony, Transitional Life and Death Rites and counseling, Ancestral Healing, Remote Healing , Munay-Ki rites including The Rite of the Womb, and space clearing .

Client Testimonials

"I came to Stephanie Moore Shamanic Medicine with little idea of what shamanic medicine is or how it could be used to help me with medical or spiritual issues. I was hitting a plateau with more medical issue in particular, so I began seeking different avenues of healing. I am so thankful that I was able to being working with Stephanie. I have felt significant positive change in my metal and physical states. Stephanie is easy to work with, makes you feel at home and safe during treatment/healing. She takes the time to listen to your current circumstances and is happy to answer questions about healings. The physical changes alone would be enough for me to recommend seeking Stephanie's services, but the beauty of  the spiritual and energetic healing is what makes me a repeat client. " - Sarah B. 

"I've had several healing sessions with Steph and can't speak highly enough of her skill, empathy and intuitive healing prowess. She has a great command over her practice and shares her knowledge in accessible ways, while providing a gentle, yet powerful approach to personal growth and healing. She is a truly transformational healer and I give her my highest recommendation. The work she is doing is much needed and I hope others have the chance to experience all that she has to offer as a healer."  - Carly T.

"I give Stephanie Moore an outstanding recommendation for her healing practices. She is kind, patient, and educated. I have used her shamanic services and would recommend her to anyone seeking help.  If you have further questions please contact me at" - Megan D.

"I was introduced to shamanic medicine many years ago, but since moving to this area I have not found anyone to work with that I felt comfortable with. Stephanie has been working with me to help improve my overall wellness and spirituality. We have done many different sessions including space clearing, illumination, decoupling and extractions. Stephanie is so easy to work with. She makes you feel welcome and safe during the sessions. I have never felt rushed or any of my concerns minimized. I have received so many benefits physically and spiritually that I will keep coming back and highly recommend her services to all." - Vanessa P.

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