Hi Folks!

I hope you had such an amazing weekend! Wasn't the weather ideal? Well, except for the unfortunate few suffering with pollen allergies! On that note, if you are suffering. please come in for some allergy elimination acupuncture to help with the sneezes and inflammation! I have been training with Damini in NAET and it is miraculous for any and all allergies! }

Im happy to announce these 2 super exciting FREE events coming up! I am truly honored to share these gifts with you and our amazing community! Would you do us a favor to help us build our community even more? Please share these events on social media and bring friends along! The more the merrier!

1. Our Annual Free Community Virtual Spring Cleanse is back!!! Starting Sunday April 24th we will cleanse together for 9 days, all from the comfort of your own home! Its all online, with support through daily educational emails and a private Facebook group and only has 1 rule... read more & register

2. Introducing Dharma Talk & Tea with Anish & Lance! Enjoy this very special evening with Anish Balakrishnan, a devotee of Indian mysticism and Lance Isakov, yoga & meditation teacher. We will gather, meditate together, sip tea and open up a potent space for inquiry and investigation into all aspects of being and becoming. No experience is needed, all are encouraged to attend... read more & register

Thats it for me, I'm off to bed =)

sweet dreams!

and on behalf of the whole gang at Village Wellness!

P.S. are you interested in a monday night meditation group? Im looking for 10 people to help get it started. Shoot me a line if you are. Thanks!

Course Spotlight:

Meditate Everyone: Learn to meditate  - downloadable/Streamable Course Online with Lance Isakov, M.Ac. L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

Learn what meditation is and why it matters. You will go from not being able to sit still for a minute to effortlessly and joyfully being in a deep meditative state for... Read more –> 

P.S. newsletter members:  enter the discount code 'Meditate50' for a nice discount as a thank you for being part of this little healing oasis on the Mainline. 

Practitioner Spotlight:

Jenna Murray

Holistic Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher

After watching me dance the Argentine tango, or take one of my varied classes at the gym, many people ask if I grew up with classical ballet instruction.  They think I am exaggerating, or even flat out lying when I tell them I that I was an overweight tomboy who was tortured by the name "chunky monkey."... read more.

Healing Arts Spotlight

Zero Balancing with Sharon

Developed by an Osteopath and Acupuncturist, Zero Balancing (ZB) is a hands-on body-mind therapy system which combines energy concepts from acupuncture with knowledge of physical body structure and movement from Osteopathy. .Read more –>


  • Spread the word! Community AcupunctureWe offer community acupuncture in an open, quiet healing space where other patients are being treated nearby. Sessions are $35 and provided on zero gravity recliners. Super comfy!