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What weird weather we’ve had! I’ve had to use my winter coat far longer than I had planned but with the snow yesterday, I couldn’t go without it! Thankfully, all of this cooky weather was charted out and understood by the ancient Chinese mystics and their wisdom has survived for thousands of years. 

Through 5-element acupuncture theory, we understand that we are part of the natural cycle, influenced by it and also not separate from it. That means that what happens outside also happens internally. When it snows in the spring time, or it turns to winter in the spring, we call that the water within the wood. This energetic helps foster growth and flexibility internally. A plant that survives this freeze and thaw will be much stronger as it endures the coming weather, pests, and climate variations. And that strength will get passed to the next generation of plants. The same is true for people. When we can endure the darkness and stillness and perhaps fear and anxiety of an unexpected change in our plans, we strengthen our adaptability. There’s even an acupuncture point that is exactly this energetic - water with the wood! 

The point called Crooked Spring (Liver 8).  Key words for this point are Adaptation, Invigoration, and Flexibility. The following is how I use this point with my patients:

Mind: To clear anger that is rooted in fear, irritability, jealousy, and/or depressio

Body: To increase flexibility, help tight tendons, stiffness, knee pain, and headaches

Spirit: To help when you feel stuck or are in overwhelm this point creates more flexibility to move around very stubborn obstacles in your life

In general I see more patients expressing either great discomfort or relief along the spectrum of what we would call Wood (Spring). During the Springtime some people experience more stiffness in joints and muscles, and mood. For others, this time of year brings more relief from chronic stiffness and inflexibly. 

Lessons, like weather, can be unpleasant to endure - especially when we are ready for the warmer weather — but there are real gifts present as well. Each and every aspect of the seasonal cycle can model how we can be more in tune with ourselves and our world.

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Lance David Isakov, M.Ac. L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., CYT

(610) 203-3747

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