This is part of a series of interviews I am conducting with practitioners of holistic medicine with he aim of answering the question: "How can we increase our quality of life?" I also find folks drawn to help others in these less-conventional fields to be ignited with a particularly deep passion and purpose. These interviews were created to delve into that drive and to discover their tips and insight into living life to its fullest. 

Laura Kellogg is a Sound Healing Practitioner, she offers Sound Healing at Village Wellness.

Enjoy the interview!


Q: Where did you grow up?
LAURA: I grew up in Malvern, PA.  I grew up around open land, woods and Valley Creek that leads into Valley Forge National Park.  I have a deep love of nature and connecting to Spirit through nature.  My experiences growing up close to nature supported this love of nature.  

Q How did you end up practicing Sound Healing?
LAURA: Ever-seeking the truth of things,  I graduated with an Undergraduate and Masters degree in Geology. This lead me to a decade and a ½ of work in environmental projects where I learned first-hand the way of big business and how the fabric of our lives has been caught up in the web of big business. I find, there is a general theme of blockage from our natural state of being while living in the post age of industrial revolution. 

On a parallel track, for approximately two decades, I have been studying the practice of natural healing, beginning with yoga and moving into an understanding of Aruveyda and related wellness approaches, and most recently into the study of quantum physics, spiritual science and healing. From here I was lead to sound healing and the healing effects of vibration on the health of the human body.  As I became more fascinated with sound healing, I entered into a formal education program in Sound Healing at the Globe Institute in San Francisco. This school is the most scientifically based, and technically developed sound healing school that I have found in the United States.

In my practice I now use the synergy of all of my training; the physical and chemical scientific training, the self-training of natural healing and spiritual science, and training from the Globe Institute.

Q: What inspired your deep interest in wellness?
LAURA: The fundamental reason why I have such an interest in health is that my mother was sick my whole life and finally died when I was 32 years old.  Although, gratefully, she was kept alive by “modern medicine” the approach did not heal her, it masked the symptoms and did not address the underlying issues causing her illnesses.  I watched her suffer for my whole life, when she died I was concerned about what I had seen. 

This initiated the quest for ways to access the natural healing capabilities of the body.  My research goals were geared toward the lessening and cessation of the use of pharmaceutical medicines for treatment of disease. 

I should note, I deeply value a place for western medicine especially as a lifesaving method for stabilizing humans in emergency and critical health situations and I recognize the need for its place in today’s society. 


Among the vast array of information on the topic of moving from medicating chronic issues to healthy transformation, I found that raising the vibration (physically, spiritually and mentally) of the human being is useful to healthy transformation. There are several approaches that need to be used in conjunction with one another in order to provide the environment for this to happen. Sound Healing catalyzes this whole process, and its scientific basis has drawn me to it.   

Q: What is your mission with your Sound Healing practice?
My private practice has manifested out of the desire to share my knowledge with others and help others find vibrancy and health in their lives.  I am here to assist others on their spiritual, emotional and physical path of life in order to be more present, more effective, and healthier in their body.  My specific mission is to provide a mechanism for individuals to harmonize their body through vibrational therapy.  This therapy addresses all aspects of the human being, initial sessions will activate the process, and additional sessions are used to address the issues that appear on a chronic basis.   

Q: What is your goal when working with your clients?
LAURA: My goal with my clients is to help them see the underlying issues that may be effecting their lives both physically, mentally and/or spiritually. I also strive to assist them in finding greater clarity on how to remove blockages. Sound healing itself provides the perfect environment for the removal of these blockages. 

Q: What are 1-5 healthy lifestyle recommendations you want to offer the world?
1) Eat foods that are organic and not processed, or processed as little as possible. Include raw foods in your diet.

2) Meditate, if you don’t know how, there are many different ways, take some time to read on the matter.

3) Self-reflection, take time to reflect on your life and be honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to be.  If there is disharmony, take friendly action on behalf of yourself, don’t be hard on yourself.

4) Find something pleasing and pleasant about the people you come in contact with, especially ones you find disharmonious to you.  

5) Pay attention to the music you are listening to, make dancing, singing, listening to special music a practice you put energy into.  

Q: Do you have a spiritual practice? if so what is it?
My spiritual practice can be most easily described as Spiritual Science”. Spiritual Science was founded by Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian Theosophist, from the turn of the century, and is a synergy of many different spiritual paths (Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, European). I combine Steiner’s teachings with modern spiritual science (quantum physics), and other cultural spiritual practices (indigenous, tribal).  My mechanisms for practice are reading, ceremonial prayer and meditation, communing with fellow humans on the “path”, yoga, and use of sound to maintain contact with the Divine.   

Q: What does your morning routine look like?
LAURA: I wake up when my eyes open (around 7 am) typically without an alarm. I take some supplements I need due to certain shortages in my body. I read my spiritual readings. I drink tea and I make myself a raw-foods smoothie of lemon-celery-cilantro.

Q: What book have you given away most?
LAURA: “How to Attain the Higher Worlds”, by Rudolph Steiner, or “You are the Placebo” by Joe Dispanza

Q: Do you have a favorite quote?
LAURA: “Man (and woman) does not live by bread alone, but by the Word…”; word can be re-translated as frequency, and we can say we cannot live by bread alone, but also by frequency.  I see this as a clue to the fact that frequency is as much of a food as physical food is.

Q: What are you currently most passionate about?
LAURA: True health and human vibrancy, which will lead to vibrancy and harmony for plants, animals and the whole earth system.  

Q: What do you like to do in your free time? what do you like to do for fun?
LAURA: Kirtan, travel, talk with friends.  

Q:Who are your heros?
LAURA: Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses, the conscious child (within all of us).

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