I had an amazing and touching moment recently when I got to meet the 4 month old baby of one of my acupuncture patients who came for help with fertility

I shared a bit about the experience in a Facebook post. It’s an incredible privilege to get to help people in this way.

The holistic acupuncture that we offer at Village Wellness has so much power, but NOT because we hit particular points that bring about a magical cure.

The healing power comes from helping to bring each individual patient to an internal place of balance. 

Patients come in for a variety of reasons: infertility, back pain, weight gain, anxiety, or other "tickets in the door."

can acupuncture help with fertility

The truth is, regardless of the upset, acupuncture can be of great help to you. There reason for this is that Acupuncture is a unique approach that resets our mind, body, and emotions, it helps to bring us back to our naturally balanced state. 

In this balanced state, self-healing naturally occurs and the signals, or symptoms, of the deeper imbalance, dissipate.

Our body's are amazing healing machines! They just need a little nudge now and again to get back to center. 

I'll give you the secret recipe to help keep your body in a prime state of self-healing.... Ready?

  eat well
  sleep well
  move your body
  do work you love
  contribute to the world
  have fun
+ relax
= feeling great!