By definition a fool is someone who has not learned from past mistakes. A fool with awareness however, lives moment to moment with complete trust, innocence, intuition. The past, judgements from others, and even cultural conditioning are not holding her back and intuition and creativity are operating at their peak.

The Aware Fool's actions may look unwise and ridiculous to those around her, but the fool is not being guided by external validation or the need to be right.

The Aware Fool goes on trusting no matter what. She can be hurt, or judged, criticized, mocked, but her trust is so pure, she continues on. 

The Aware Fool knows that nothing can be taken from her. 

Today, I encourage you to take a moment and be an Aware Fool.

Trust love, even if you heart has been broken. 

Trust friendship, even if you have been let down.

Trust goodness, even if you have been disappointed.

Practice being an Aware Fool and notice what changes in yourself.

Foolishly Yours,