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Village Wellness Community Acupuncture Fundraiser for Ellicott City Flood Recovery


Village Wellness Community Acupuncture Fundraiser for Ellicott City Flood Recovery

Hi Everyone,

With everything going on in the world around us, I want to take a moment to pause and invite your evolving health in service to a community that is near to my heart. Ellicott City, Maryland was devastated by a flash flood this past Saturday night (click for story and videos) and the damage is the worst the town has ever seen. This town and its community holds a special place in my heart. I lived in Ellicott City while in acupuncture school, met my wife Amy there, and had a Wellness center from 2005-2008 called The Well: a community space for Yoga and the healing arts.  I am so saddened to see the town destroyed. Friends have lost businesses and homes and cars and pets.  A state of emergency was declared for the town.

The rebuild will take years, if they are able to recover. The town is in a flood area and so many had insurance, however flood insurance only covers for up to 1 foot and the waters rose to over 5. Climate change and irresponsible development upstream have heavily contributed to the intensity of the flood.

To help the recovery efforts I am offering a special community acupuncture session on Monday August 8th 6-8 pm. All the proceeds will go to the people and businesses in Ellicott City who are making a valiant effort to recover from the flood. 

Community Acupuncture Sessions are the $35 each. Bring your friends and help spread the word! You'll feel deep relief and your money will go to a good cause. If you are moved to donate more it would be greatly appreciated.  **for those who are new patients please fill out the new patient form. Thanks

If you cannot make the session you can donate directly here:

Thanks so much,



watch this amazing rescue