I find that, though holistic medicine is making it's way towards the mainstream it's often still viewed as fringe, unconventional and sometimes scary to many people. I would LOVE your help in changing that. 

The Favor: If you know anyone who might benefit from acupuncture or our other holistic medicine services, would you:

1. Share your experience. Talking about acupuncture and what's possible with holistic medicine normalizes it for people who may be too timid to try it themselves. 

2. Invite them to do a free tea time chat to ask their questions and see if the Village Wellness approach is the right fit for them.

If you don't know whether your community would be interested in Acupuncture or holistic medicine, simply share our website with them or invite them to our Facebook page

If your peeps live elsewhere and are interested in trying holistic medicine, I am connected to great practitioners all over the country and would be happy to supply a referral. Just ask by replying to this email.

Thanks so much!