So many of our patients (and us practitioners too) have been coming in  feeling overwhelmed, defeated, stressed, and anxious. Its seems to be so easy for some of us to fall into a downward spiral right now, and I wanted to share some wisdom i was recently reminded of. 

Pena Chodrin, in her book, “When things fall apart” shares this principle:

 She says “Share the wealth. Be generous with your joy. Give away what you most want. Be generous with your insights and delights." 

So here is our homework, you guys:

For those of us who are feeling sadness, lets practice giving joy.

For those feeling poor, practice sharing your abundance.  

For those in grief, practice giving praise.

For those in fear, practice giving courage.

For those feeling angry, practice give hope. 

When we give away the need, the want, the desire, We often reconnect to the exact thing we were so disconnected from. 

AND If you find this practice helpful, please share it with those in your life that may find benefit from it!

With so much love and gratitude,