with Stephanie Moore, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner

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What is the program?

The Transformational Energy Medicine Program is a 5 week transformational healing journey designed to bring you into alignment with your divine nature — the original blueprint for health and abundance. We will work weekly to support a sustainable alignment with your deepest self, creating an energetic template for you to thrive.

How does the program work?

You will come in for a 90 minute session once a week. During our time together I will call on the ancient healing wisdom and techniques of the Inka people and their Andean descendants. Working within the traditional healing model of medicine men and women who know the secrets to living and aging gracefully, free from disease, we will help you remember how to walk in creative, harmonious beauty upon the earth. When you commit to a 5 week program, we will be able to go deep enough to enact lasting change. After the program, a monthly session would be all you need to stay in tune. 

What is the goal of the program?

Health, wholeness, and happiness are our birthright. Through this process, you will transcend limiting beliefs, eliminate old thought patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you. You will be guided through releasing the fear and disease that stalks you so that we can remap your energetic blueprint to reflect your new state of luminosity and health within your mind, body, and spirit.

5 Week Transformational Energy Medicine Program Schedule:

WEEK #1: Goal Setting & Deep Cleaning of the Energy Field  (90 min)

We will discuss and identify limitations, disease and disharmony present in your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. We will set healing goals and map the healing process. The energy field will be deeply cleaned. 

WEEK #2: Illumination & Chakra Cleanse (90 min)

We will use the Illumination process to assist you in shedding what no longer serves, clear toxic imprints and then reset and rebalance the energy field and chakras.

WEEK #3: Extractions & Decoupling (90 min)

I will extract any intrusive energies from the energy field and body. I will work gently with the parasympathetic nervous system to heal emotional trauma and fear by resetting the "fight or flight" system that wreaks havoc on our bodies. We will also work to heal family history and clear genetic "curses" passed down through the lineage. With this process you can gain freedom from the diseases of your ancestors.

WEEK #4: Soul Retrieval (90 min) 

I will perform the ancient shamanic technique of Soul Retrieval to recover lost soul parts or fragments. I facilitate returning the soul to a state of wholeness and luminosity, where you can find freedom from the pain of the past and reclaim joy, power and grace.

WEEK #5: Spirit Flight and Illumination (90 min)

I will assist in connecting you with your place in infinity. I will teach you how to connect with the divine to release and transcend your limiting beliefs. During the Illumination I will guide you in tapping into the field of pure potential where you will learn the practice of manifesting with intent and impeccability. This skill will be yours for life.

BONUS WEEK #6: Deepening Follow-up (90 min)
When you purchase the full program (see below)** you will receive a bonus follow-up session at no extra charge. We will use our time to deepen the work we have done and reaffirm and secure your newly created healing patterns. 

Payment Options:

Full Program Cost: $750*** see the introductory offer below
Pay as you go: $150/90 minute session

**Full Program Bonus: Pay for full program and receive 1 extra 90 minute treatment ($150 Value). 

$700 [Save $200] for the full program including the bonus 6th session ($150 Value)

Ready to get started?
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It is my honor to hold sacred space, with the highest vision and integrity for each client, as they walk their unique healing path. I look forward to being the sacred witness to your transforming. As you become the Dreamer, you dream your world into being and can step fully into the true luminosity of your being. Here you will find that the world around you, reflects back to you, the state of beauty and perfection within you.