By Antanas Vainius, Nourishment Coach

Living in a processed food culture, our bodies and our minds have lost the ability to perceive what is truly nourishing.  We can easily trick ourselves by believing what advertising tell us -- that what is nourishing is actually only temporarily and momentarily satisfying.  Access to that deep wisdom that our bodies have is key as we navigate how to regain/maintain our health, cultivate wellbeing and open up to our true potential. 

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Many of us are so removed from the healing power of deep nourishment that often it is hard to imagine what intrinsic wisdom lies in real food. The life force in these foods can be awakened which animates their life-giving nutrients and helps awaken our cells to a level of vitality that manufactured, lab-created foods cannot.  Metaphorically, processed food that employs non-traditional preparation techniques does not speak the language of the body or our cells. The body does not know how to engage with these 'foreign' substances. Normally these foreign substances are tagged as invaders and efficiently scuttled away.  I’m talking about synthetic foods that don’t have any resemblance to foods that previous generations would put on their tables.

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There is something profound that happens when we experience being deeply nourished. We experience, remember a new baseline. In fact we get to remember what satisfaction feels like - deep, belly-soothing, bone-filling satisfaction - not the glamourized fake Coke fix. The slight of hand has become even more sophisticated and defies detection,  distracting us from our deep hunger -- and birth right - for nourishment.  Eating food that is properly prepared -- soaked, sprouted, fermented, etc -- helps our bodies remember what true food is supposed to taste like and feel in our bodies, eliminating the need for things like heart burn medication. Food is not supposed to be dangerous and unfamiliar, and its digestion does not need to create discomfort  for the body. In a way this discomfort can be understood as a trauma for the body.  In a reverse engineering kind of way, learning what ease, comfort, and relief feels like gives us an embodied - in the body - understanding of how nourishment feels. So any food that doesnt feel that way, isn't nourishing, but stressing.  Such long-term stress can lead to deprivation, deep hunger, numbness, hopelessness,  and general despair that safe nourishing food does not exist.

This baseline of embodied food trauma can set the stage and makes us tolerant of other trauma because it prepares our bodies and psyches for accepting anything but ease, comfort and goodness from our interactions with the world, and then becoming distrustful of the ease when we do have it.

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We have an opportunity to recalibrate with true  nourishment.  The path of discovering real nourishment can offer you tremendous if not momentary relief from a life of trauma and stress, and a reminder in the intrinsic goodness of your body and our world, and its capacity to heal, rebuild and recover. 

The possibility of remembering what deep goodness is only a bite away.   


Antanas Vainius, Nourishment Coach is a deeply gifted wizard of nutrition and nourishment, knowing how to make change and healing easy, delicious and fun. His knowledge extends into somatics, energy psychology and breathwork which he uses to help clients move through blocking beliefs and stuck emotion to return to ease and flow.

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